OpenAirlines and Sander de Moor Announce a Partnership

    07 Sep 2016


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OpenAirlines and Sander de Moor Announce a Partnership

September 7, 2016 – OpenAirlines, leading Fuel Saving Solution Provider, today announced strategic partnership with Sander de Moor, Managing Director of FltOpsWorkz, his freelance consultancy in management and strategy related to airline operational efficiency.

Since 2009, OpenAirlines has developed SkyBreathe®, the most efficient software solution in the world when it comes to reducing aircraft fuel consumption and emissions. Through the use of Big Data and advanced algorithms, SkyBreathe® provides a large number of highly accurate analyses, graphs and preset reports which help an existing fuel management program identify further fuel cost and emission footprint reductions by an estimated 2-5 percent annually.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Sander de Moor is a freelance consultant with a focus on optimization activities in areas ranging from flight and ground operations to fuel efficiency, fleet and network strategy and management, as well as payload optimization. Total Operations Efficiency.

Building on almost 30 years of solid flight operational support experience, covering most aspects of flight -ground-, airport – and network operations, highlights include being part of the IATA Green Teams core and taking up full-time fuel efficiency management positions with LOT Polish Airlines and the Etihad Airways Group.

Sander de Moor said “Despite the current dip in fuel prices, the civil aviation industry is still in need of improving on matters related to operational efficiency measuring, tracking and opportunity identification. To this end the software solution of OpenAirlines is an exiting, proven enabler, setting itself apart from other solutions in the market by achieving real, accurate savings assessments without relying on theoretical computations.”

Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines’ CEO says the partnership is a win-win. “Our agreement is a logical extension of the collaborative work already undertaken. OpenAirlines is growing fast and needs an ace like Sander de Moor to support this growth, especially in the Middle East and Asia. We are convinced that there is a better way to deliver our services and to help airlines with their fuel efficiency programs. Thanks to Sander’s thirty years of experience in flight operations and our smart software, this partnership will help us develop that ‘better way’.”

After opening offices in Hong Kong and Chicago, this partnership strengthens OpenAirlines’s presence in the Middle East and further enhances its growing global network.