Online Material Offers, Anytime, Anywhere

    08 Jun 2015


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Online Material Offers, Anytime, Anywhere
m/material is the manage/m® application managing all aspects of a customer’s material contract with Lufthansa Technik. The online shop for rotable components (LRUs) and consumables and expendables (C&E) now offers enhanced features generating even greater user-friendliness and setting a new milestone in material sale, loan and exchange with Lufthansa Technik.

Short response times are a dominant feature of the new system. The Lufthansa Technik Competence Center generates an offer, which can be retrieved via m/material within minutes. The offer for C&E material will be available even faster – within an average of only 30 seconds. For components it usually takes between two and 20 minutes until an offer is generated and the customer receives it via the system.

All offers are presented in a standardized format that includes information on prices or rates, serial numbers, and attached certificates such as an EASA Form 1 or a workshop report. The customer will consequently have all important aspects at a glance and will only be dealing with one digital workflow, no additional emails, faxes or phone calls will be required. In addition, several part numbers can be requested within only one offer, which speeds up the whole process even more.

Lufthansa Technik’s innovative and comfortable way of submitting material requests is already in use by almost 170 customers, who will soon all profit from the new enhancements of material supply management.