North Cariboo Air Adopts RAAS

    13 Dec 2016


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North Cariboo Air Adopts RAAS

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – After a detailed systems evaluation process, North Cariboo Air has selected RAAS to replace the incumbent legacy system for complete management of aircraft maintenance processes including technical records, quality assurance, reliability, material management, procurement and expense tracking.

North Cariboo Air is an established charter airline who operate a mixed fleet of 20+ aircraft ranging in size from 9 to 100 seats, primarily serving the Canadian Oil and Gas sector. The heightened regulatory and data management requirements associated with larger aircraft types spurred an initiative at North Cariboo Air intended to identify an aviation maintenance management software suite that would streamline workflow, introduce inter-systems integration potentials, aid strategic decision support and ultimately help reduce expense across the entire enterprise.

North Cariboo Air Director of Maintenance, Bill Stupak, says, “Our decision to move to RAAS is part of a greater North Cariboo Air objective to increase information exchange across departments and meanwhile decrease ongoing expense. The AIS implementation team have created an implementation project plan that will directly replace our existing maintenance management suite while retaining established work flows, and concurrently add the facilities necessary to allow North Cariboo to achieve the higher degree of inter-system data integration we require to provide the highest level of service to our customers and support our team efficiently.”

AIS Director of Operations and CEO, Eric Hansen, comments, “North Cariboo Air have ever-changing fleet requirements and operational missions. As their business changes so do their business systems requirements, and AIS is very happy to have been identified as a solution provider that will add value to the North Cariboo Air organization.”