New Location Tracking optimizes resource scheduling

    23 May 2017


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New Location Tracking optimizes resource scheduling

“GSE 4.0” creates complete transparency for Ground Support Equipment

With “GSE 4.0”, Lufthansa Technik AG has developed a system that allows Ground Support Equipment — i.e. all resources with a towbar or an ignition switch — to be found immediately using new localization software. This makes the time-consuming search for available GSE such as ladders, trailers, loaders, tugs, towbars, start-up devices, and air conditioning units a thing of the past.

Lufthansa Technik began the implementation of the pilot project in April. Hardware and software has now been installed, the antennas positioned on hangar roofs, and around 1,500 GSE items have been connected. The system has already gone online in Hamburg and Frankfurt. It will soon be put into operation in Munich and for other users within the Lufthansa Group, for example Lufthansa Cargo.

“With the help of ‘GSE 4.0′, location tracking is now possible at any time and in any place, so that we can locate all networked GSE both outside and in the hangars,” says project leader Gerrit Rexhausen. Quick and precise locating of equipment improves the availability of all GSE and allows for completely transparent planning. Beyond this, each item of GSE can display relevant information such as the fuel level, outside temperature, or faults.

“GSE 4.0” is possible using special hardware and software. Whilst localization with trackers and gateway uses established hardware, the visualization software was especially developed for the project. All trackers are equipped with on-board sensors. The sensors can be configured flexibly, depending on needs and the specific GSE, and extended using existing external sensors such as fuel level indicators on vehicles.