New customers and new features for dgBirds’ EFB as a Service

    19 Aug 2019


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The Paris based company dgBirds is increasing its footprint with new customers and, in parallel, the development and launch of new features to support airlines’ Flight Operations departments, as well as other operational departments such as Inflight Services and Maintenance.

A new customer: in July 2019, iXair joined the dgBirds’ community:

  • iXair, the Business Aviation company based at Paris le Bourget, subscribed the Documentation service that will enable its pilots have an easy and rapid access to the technical manuals and company’s referential, from their iPads. Jenny Perrot, iXair Compliance Monitoring and Safety Director mentions that « After few weeks where we tried the solution and after having obtained the approval from our civil aviation authority, we decided to formally deploy dgBirds’ Documentation service since we are convinced that this solution will significantly improve our Flight Operations processes and this, for a very reasonable budget. Both the mobile application and the Administration platform revealed to be very user friendly and, therefore, easy to use”.

New features leading to full paperless Flight Operations

  • On the top of the already Documentation service, dgBirds customers are now able to have access to Electronic Flight Folders and schedules via the new Mission / Briefing service, available in mobility situations from iPads as well as from any Web browser. Thanks to this new service, Pilots can receive, view their schedule and consult their flight folders. During the flight preparation, pilots can communicate their fuel decisions, read the dispatcher message and study their flight folder. During the flight, they can write all information required (e.g. fuel consumption, flight plan updates, clearances…) and, at the end of flight, Pilots can sign and send back the filled document to their Dispatch department who can consult and store the signed OFP, as requested.
  • Additional features coming soon:
    • Mission / Reports (October 2019): thanks to the dgBirds’ form builder, airlines will be able to create their specific forms enabling pilots to report any event happening during their mission.
    • Mission / Briefing will support the standard ARINC 633 format of electronic flight folders (December 2019): the Briefing service will thus be enhanced with the ability to synchronize digital data such as the digital flight log.
    • Communication (early 2020): staff will be given the ability to instantly communicate (one to one or within groups) via text, audio or video and, therefore, make and share decisions efficiently.

With almost 10 years of experience in mobile solutions for airlines and cumulated 20,000 flight crew experience within the team, dgBirds is therefore proposing airlines a disruptive and very affordable EFB as a Service solution. Please follow the storyline “EFB: a 10 year return on experience and projection to the future” to be published by dgBirds via social networks, starting from September / October 2019.