New companies subscribe to ACFTPERFO airport database project.

    26 Jan 2016


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New companies subscribe to ACFTPERFO airport database project.

After years of improvement of its airport database for performance software, new companies join ACFTPERFO project the last few months.
During Aircraft Commerce conference in London in June 2015, in a case study, Air France explained why they choose to outsource their management of airports and obstacles to ACFTPERFO. Following this announcement, Finnair join the project, followed by Icelandair.
ACFTPERFO airport database is compliant with all performance software. Thanks to a partnership with ATR, Air Antilles/Air Guyane subscribed recently to ACFTPERFO services.
In order to get airports and obstacles data, and to design aircraft type optimized engine out procedures, ACFTPERFO creates efficient tools that lead it to precise calculation. When the airport data team is faced to tricky airports, the tool allows them to make accurate analysis. The ACFTPERFO airport data solution satisfy the needs of the French Air Force for its operations.

New airlines joining the ACFTPERFO airport database project improve the service quality thanks to experience sharing between subscribers.