Navtech Partners with Airbus on EFB Integration into Aircraft

    06 May 2015


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Navtech Partners with Airbus on EFB Integration into Aircraft

Waterloo, ON – May 6, 2015 – Navtech, a leader in flight operations software and services, announces a partnership with Airbus to integrate electronic flight bag (EFB) applications into Airbus aircraft. This partnership will bring high quality electronic charts to Navtech airline customers for their Airbus fleets including the A350, 400M, and new Airbus aircraft of the future.

Navtech is integrating with Airbus’ EFB Fly Smart software platform and applications. This integration will deliver electronic charts today and will support additional functionality in the future such as flight plans, aircraft performance, etc.  This partnership is part of Navtech’s overall business strategy which includes continuous growth in global market share supported by aggressive investment into the product portfolio.

“Navtech is proud to serve operators of Airbus aircraft, both commercial and military, with its integrated high quality electronic charts solution into FlySmart. Together, our products will greatly improve the pilot’s interface to cockpit systems and situational awareness,” stated Mike Hulley, CEO and President of Navtech.