Navtech customer receives trial approval for Class 2 EFB

    06 Jun 2013


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Navtech customer receives trial approval for Class 2 EFB

Braathens Regional receives approval for paperless cockpit progress

June 6, 2013 (TORONTO) – Early in 2013, Navtech Inc., a leader in flight operations software and services, welcomed returning customer Braathens Regional through a multi-year agreement for provisioning aeronautical electronic charts for the iPad. Braathens Regional has since been awarded trial approval from the Swedish Transport Agency for an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Class 2 system using the iPad. Each of Braathens Regional’s 140 pilots has been provided an iPad and their entire fleet of 17 aircraft is being modified. The SAAB and ATR aircraft will be fitted with cockpit-mounting so the Braathens pilots can use the iPad in all phases of flight.

“We’re confident that our fully integrated EFB system will deliver exactly what we need and we have documented the project process in detail to be able to offer know-how and documentation to other airlines,” said Braathens Regional, EFB Project Manager Pierre Cronvall. For Braathens Regional, as well as other airlines considering or currently utilizing Navtech iCharts, there are operational, cost efficiency, and environmental benefits of an emerging paperless cockpit. Improved quality assurance is also a major factor for airlines.

Navtech iCharts brings Navtech electronic charts to the iPad. This allows the iPad to be used as a Class 1 EFB or in the Braathens Regional case, with regulatory and operational approval, as a Class 2 Type B device. Navtech has worked with a number of customers to achieve operational approval of the iPad as a Class 2 device. Navtech’s family of state-of-the-art aeronautical charts products have been developed using research from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working closely with, pilots having years of experience using aeronautical charts. Each chart includes enhanced symbology and communication features. Navtech’s Windows-based electronic charts viewing application, Navtech eCharts, has been used by Navtech’s customers for over ten years. Continued

product enhancements will form the infrastructure for Navtech to easily support all Classes of EFB and all devices from tablets to installed avionics.

“Congratulations to Braathens Regional,” said Mr. Heath Bowden, Director Product Manage-ment – Charts & EFB at Navtech. “Navtech iCharts, is a fundamental transformation to the charting marketplace and with the growing number of airlines choosing Navtech, it acknowledges the benefits available to our customers from our software investments.”

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About Navtech, Inc.

Navtech, Inc. is a leading global provider of flight operations solutions, serving more than 350 airlines and aviation services customers. Navtech’s product suite includes aeronautical charts, navigation data solutions, flight planning, aircraft performance software (take-off/landing, weight and balance), and crew planning solutions. Many of Navtech’s products can be configured as part of an EFB solution, including take-off data calculation, weight and balance, and aeronautical charts. These products, supported by Navtech’s ISO: 9001 certification, directly support millions of flights each year and help Navtech customers maximize efficiency, reduce costs, ensure compliance with complex national and international safety regulations, and effectively deliver their services.

Navtech is an international company with offices just outside of Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario – Canada’s Technology Center – and in Stockholm, London, and Ahmedabad, India, and is further supported by satellite offices around the world. Its home on the web is the first and only site for viewing the Navtech Aviation Poster Collection, a collection of hundreds of posters and other ephemera that capture the history of aviation through the arresting graphic design of the day.

About Braathens Regional

Braathens Regional, formerly Golden Air, is a Swedish regional airline based at Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport, with a total of 11 bases in Sweden and Finland. The airline offers ACMI service all over Europe. Braathens Regional is part of the Braathens Aviation Group that includes Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg among others.

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