NAVBLUE’s Airport+ Databases Certified LoA 2 by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

    05 Apr 2017


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NAVBLUE’s Airport+ Databases Certified LoA 2 by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

— Waterloo, ON−Wednesday, April 05, 2017

NAVBLUE’ s Airport+ Solution Granted EASA Letter of Acceptance (LoA) Type 2 Certification

Airport+ provides worldwide operators and authorities with reliable and flexible aeronautical database solutions, contributing to improved safety and efficiency in all airport operations. After being granted EASA LoA Type 1 and 2 for Runway Map, NAVBLUE was granted EASA LoA Type2 on January 18th, 2017 for its Airport Map.

NAVBLUE’s Airport+ solution represents a collection of aerodrome information, organised and arranged for ease of electronic storage and retrieval in any onboard systems that support aerodrome surface movements, training, charting, and planning (EUROCAE ED-99 / RTCA DO-272). These airport databases aim at:

  • Providing a realistic on-board view of the airport surface movement area to pilots in order to improve their situational awareness and/or to supplement surface navigation;
  • Securing and ensuring efficient movements on the airport surface; 
  • Enhancing safety and efficiency of airline operations.

Airport+ is a key driver to delivering to pilots a 2D/3D Airport Moving Map (AMM) functionality that can be run on any Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with a dedicated NAVBLUE software, in addition to the onboard view of the airport surface movement area. This integrated solution enables the utilisation of the latest safety and avionics technologies, minimising taxiing time and fuel consumption or supporting the development of airport infrastructures. 

NAVBLUE and Airbus Defense and Space Intelligence – both part of Airbus – are partnering to offer to NAVBLUE customers a high-quality production process from high-resolution satellite technology with unmatched precision and completeness of up-to-date airport attributes.

Pierre Madrange, Vice President, DATA+, NAVBLUE states, ‘We are very proud of the unparalleled quality and flexibility of database services that our newly certified Airport+ solution offers to the marketplace. It clearly demonstrates that NAVBLUE is ready to deliver on its promise of innovation by bringing to the industry the next level of aeronautical database management.”