NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

    01 Jul 2019


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NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

⎯ Silver Airways becomes first US customer for N-RAIDO

⎯ Contract includes N-RAIDO, N-Crew Line Bidding System (LBS), N-Crew Pairing Optimizer and N-Flight Planning

Silver Airways, North America’s leading regional airline based in Fort Lauderdale and operating the most routes between Florida and the Bahamas, has recently signed a contract with NAVBLUE and implemented four Operations Control Centre (OCC) products to improve efficiencies for its crew and flight operations.

NAVBLUE has been selected by Silver Airways to design, test, train, implement and administer N-RAIDO, N-LBS, N-Pairing Optimizer and N-Flight Planning products on the airline’s fleet. This contract is the first implementation of N-RAIDO in North America, specifically complying with US Federal Aviation Regulations.

is a single solution for Ops Control and all aspects of Crew Management from day-of-ops Crew Scheduling to Crew Planning, Crew Payroll, etc. The robust rule engine offers sophisticated and flexible system alerts helping the user to keep track of crew duty/rest, training, vacation, medical checks, passport expiry, etc. At its core, N-RAIDO is a highly dynamic Event-Engine coupled with a Rules-Engine that interacts with a single database, resulting in one dynamic application that can handle both day-of-ops management as well as long-term planning requirements of any sized airline.

N-Crew LBS
awards pre-built bid lines in seniority order. The bidder has the ability to easily filter and sort pairings and lines while entering his line preferences.

N-Crew Pairing Optimizer
produces crew pairings covering a scheduling period of a week, month, or even a full season. The Pairing Optimizer converts flight schedules into individual, legal pairings, optimizing productivity and cost.

N-Flight Planning
is a multi-tiered browser-based flight planning system, designed to swiftly compute highly optimized flight trajectories factoring payload, aircraft performance, current weather and air-traffic constraints with the ability to optimize for minimum-flight-time, fuel-burn or total cost.

Brent JAMES, Silver Airways Vice President Operations, said: “We’re excited to begin using NAVBLUE’s systems as we always strive to provide the highest level of safe, reliable and customerfocused service on each and every flight. We have already seen positive tangible benefits to our operation, including improved employee access to critical operational information via NAVBLUE’s easy-to-use interface, and we look forward to their systems providing even further improvement to Silver Airways’ operational efficiency and communication.”

Fabrice HAMEL, NAVBLUE CEO, said: “This new operational solution suite implemented at Silver Airways is a mark of confidence in NAVBLUE products and introducing N-RAIDO in the US is a great opportunity for us. By reinforcing our partnership with Silver Airways we will actively support the airline in upgrading its systems and improving its overall operations”.