NAVBLUE launches N-Prediction ADS-B service, a new solution for airlines and integrators

    11 Jun 2019


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NAVBLUE launches N-Prediction ADS-B service, a new solution for airlines and integrators

Toulouse, France, June 11th, 2019

  • New N-Prediction ADS-B service solution for airline operators and integrators
  • ADS-B carriage mandatory in the National Airspace System (NAS) from 1st January 2020

ADS-B, or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, is a surveillance technology with which an aircraft periodically broadcasts its position, enabling it to be tracked. The information can be received and used by air traffic control ground stations and other aircraft, and requires no radar, making it an efficient and easy to use system.

ADS–B is an element of the USA Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and from 1st January 2020 ADS-B carriage will be required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in US National Airspace System (NAS). A pre-flight prediction will be mandatory to provide assurance that the required levels of navigation position accuracy and integrity for containment radius and horizontal accuracy is available.

In order to help airline operators based in or flying to the USA, NAVBLUE has launched the N-Prediction ADS-B service, a new solution that can be accessed directly by airline customers or integrated with flight planning providers.

Initially designed for US-NAS, N-Prediction ADS-B service will in due course will be expanded to include future ADS-B equipage mandates globally.

World’s leading provider of RAIM predictions with its N-RAIM solution, NAVBLUE is ideally placed to provide this solution as there are strong commonalities between ADS-B availability prediction and RAIM prediction. NAVBLUE aims to be the preferred ADS-B and RAIM prediction service for airline operators.

“N-Prediction ADS-B service is a natural evolution of our prediction capabilities,” said Thomas Lagaillarde, Head of Flight Ops Engineering, OCC and ATM solutions at NAVBLUE. “And it’s spurring us to make additional service improvements such as ARINC 633 format flight plan ingestion for both N-RAIM and N-Prediction ADS-B service.”

Integration of N-Prediction ADS-B service with N-Flight Planning, NAVBLUES’s award winning flight planning solution, is targeted for June 2019.