NAVBLUE and Aviolinx To Develop MESA Airline’s State-of-the-Art Operations Control Centre (OCC)

    12 Apr 2017


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NAVBLUE and Aviolinx To Develop MESA Airline’s State-of-the-Art Operations Control Centre (OCC)

— Waterloo, ON−Wednesday, April 12, 2017 – NAVBLUE’S N-Flight Planning and Aviolinx’s RAIDO Airline Management Solutions To Form The Cornerstone of MESA Airline’s State-of-the-Art OCC.

MESA Airlines, a US regional airline with greater than 130 aircraft servicing American Airlines and United Airlines in more than 180 markets in the western hemisphere, has signed a ten-year deal with NAVBLUE and their partner Aviolinx to build their benchmark OCC.

This business partnership marks the advent of a new and innovative state-of-the-art OCC suite alternative much requested in the market today. NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning is a multi-tiered, fully-scalable and fully-capable, flight planning system, and is the only system with Schneider Electric’s forecast flight hazards (turbulence, icing, thunderstorms) fully integrated into its route optimization algorithms, that also has an integrated GNSS RAIM prediction service.

Aviolinx’s RAIDO Airline Management System is truly at the forefront of airline management systems with its ultra-flexible and maintainable rules engine and single database architecture affording airlines the ability to define and maintain their own rules, automation, and reports.

“We look forward to incorporating N-Flight Planning and RAIDO’s new, innovative technologies to manage our aircraft and crews into the future,” said Kevin Wilson, Mesa’s Vice President of Flight Operations. “The added flexibility, efficiency and opportunity to tailor the platform to the needs of our growing company, made it the right choice for Mesa Airlines.”

Shawn Mechelke, Vice President N-Software Services, at NAVBLUE, shared this insight, “Our vision and strategy of providing a full suite of OCC solutions is now confirmed. We have a very big opportunity ahead of us as we have now penetrated the US market with a modern and flexible new OCC solution suite … These are very exciting times!”