navAero takes off with EASA EFB STC for B767 With Airport Moving Map Capability

    20 Jun 2011


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SUNDSVALL, SWEDEN, JUNE 20, 2011 — navAero announced today the achievement of EASA STC 10033897 for the company’s t▪Bag™C2 Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag system on the Boeing 767-200, 767-300, 767-300F and 767-400ER Series aircraft.

Executed by navAero in  cooperation with U.S. Technical who facilitated the validation of the FAA STC ST02320LA, this  certification is another of the highly  integrated STCs for the navAero t▪Bag™C22 Class 2 EFB system.  The  system  architecture includes  the  navAero-designed, AT&T-certified, UMTS/HSDPA 3G cellular modem module for onground data transfer. Also included is  the navAero ARINC 429 module with custom software that  enables the deployment of  the  JeppesenAirport Moving Map application on a Class 2 EFB platform. The EFB CPUs are deployed with cross-connectivity to provide data sharing between the two independent systems.

The STC also provides several different display options including the newly released t▪Pad™ 1100 display to provide customers with maximum flexibility in selecting the optimum viewing platform to meet their specific requirements and needs.

The awarding of this  STC  by EASA further  validates the t▪Bag™C22  EFB as  an affordable, Class 2 system  fully  capable of deploying  advanced  software like the  airport surface area moving map software with own-ship position shown like the Airport Moving Map application available in the Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro software suite.

navAero  spokesperson, Knut Aabo,  Executive VP Sales and Marketing,  states “This accomplishment is our nineteenth STC and the fifth highly complex integrated certification for our Class 2 EFB system. Having both the EASA and FAA STCs, navAero is now able to give B767  operators around the world  the  opportunity  to  have  highly sophisticated, safetyenhancing situational awareness technology on the flight deck at an affordable cost.” Aabo continued: “And with the options we have grouped into the STC, we are providing operators with the ability to customize the navAero EFB solution to meet their own unique and specific needs and requirements. This further supports our company’s business mantra of providing customer-focused solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Achieving certification that allows for deployment of enhanced situational awareness applications like airport moving map software clearly shows the airline industry that affordably priced technology solutions from navAero fulfills all the needs and meets all the certification requirements. The navAero AT&T certified 3G module will be used to handle on-the-ground data movement to-and-from aircrafts at costs that are significantly lower than those available from other technologies and without the need for installing a sophisticated ground infrastructure to specifically handle the data transmission.  Condor will be launching this navAero EFB system architecture during the later part of 2011.

About navAero

navAero is the  industry  leader in developing and  commercializing cost effective electronic flight bag products for the airline industry. navAero AB is headquartered in Sundsvall, Sweden. Sales, marketing, certification and technical support for the Western Hemisphere is based in  Miami, Florida, USA. navAero encourages  operators to contact us for complete information about our EFB technology and the available FAA and EASA  STCs for our solutions. For further information, visit the navAero website at or e-mail us at

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navAero Ab
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