navAero Secures EFB Contract with TUIfly Nordic

    22 Feb 2011


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SUNDSVALL, SWEDEN February 22, 2011 — navAero announced today the contract signing with TUIfly Nordic for the deployment of the tBag™22 Electronic Flight Bag system on the airline’s B737-800 and B767-300 fleets.

The contracted navAero EFB architecture includes cross-connected dual tBagC22 EFB systems with the newly commercialized tPad™000 display. The systems will also include the navAero-designed, UMTS/HSDPA/3G cellular communications modem module to enable on-ground data transfer.

TUIfly Nordic plans to equip the EFBs with the Lufthansa Lido/eRouteManual software suite and the TUI Group Aircraft Performance Software. TUIfly Nordic will also integrate their operational document browser software on the EFB. This is part of a proprietary solution for the Windows PC, Mac OSX and iPhone/iPad platforms used by flight crews to have offline access and stay up to date with company manuals, briefs and operational notices. The TUIfly EFB program will be launched with the navAero systems being first deployed in one B737 and one B767 aircraft.

“After a thorough evaluation, we have concluded that no competing EFB Class 2 system matches the performance, connectivity and affordability provided by navAero.” stated Johan Gauermann, Director, Flight Operations, TUIfly Nordic. “While there are many EFB vendors in the market, navAero’s EFB solution offers the best cost/performance rate. We are pleased be in the technology forefront, here in Europe, to soon be able to deploy Class 2 EFBs into revenue operations.”

navAero spokesperson, Knut Aabo, VP Sales & Marketing, states “The addition of TUIfly Nordic to the navAero customer roster is a major accomplishment for our company. We are proud to have been selected to fulfill this airline’s need for robust yet affordable Class 2 EFB technology. Not only does this TUIfly Nordic represent our 10th European airline customer, but it also gives navAero the opportunity to show our technology to the rest of the TUI Airline Management organization and demonstrate the true beneficial savings that can be realized through the deployment of dedicated Class 2 EFB systems.”

About navAero

navAero is the industry leader in developing and commercializing cost effective electronic flight bag products for the airline industry. navAero AB is headquartered in Sundsvall, Sweden. Sales, marketing, certification and technical support for the Western Hemisphere is based in Miami, Florida, USA. navAero encourages operators to contact us for complete information about available and pending certifications for our EFB technologies. For further information, visit the navAero website at or e-mail us at

About TUIfly Nordic  

TUIfly Nordic is the largest charter company in Sweden, with over one million holiday travelers annually. The airline is part of TUI Nordic Group, which consists of the Leisure Travel and its sister company Star Tour of Denmark and Norway, Finnmatkat in Finland, TEMA and Nazar. Fritidsresor group is part of the world’s largest travel group, TUI Travel Plc.

TUI Travel Plc serves 30 million customers annually, by 48 000 employees, offering flights from 20 countries globally, from Thailand in the East to the West Indies in the West.

For further info about the airline, the TUIfly Nordic website at: and for information on the TUI Travel Plc, visit:

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