Nato’s Special Group Develops The Future Drone Technology

    10 Jun 2016


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Nato’s Special Group Develops The Future Drone Technology

10/06/2016: Scandinavian Avionics A/S is these days participating in NATO’s Special Group to discuss the future drone technology. Scandinavian Avionis has today been testing and demonstrating the collision-technology to the NATO Group.

NATO’s Special Group, combined by 40 global companies represented by 67 experts, is in these days gath- ered in the HCA Airport in Odense to discuss and develops the future drone technologies, where the overshadowing headline is the anti collision-technology.

Within the next ten years it is exptected that drones will fly freely around other aircrafts in the airspace, but before this expectation can become reality, the so called “sense and avoid”-technology has to be developed to commercial use of drones.

Scandinavian Avionics A/S is represented at the NATO-group, and SA “VP Military Sales” Søren Petersen, emphasises the importance of the meeting at the HCA Airport and the development of the “sense and avoid”-technology, to underpin the development of the global drone-industry:

Inside the danish industry there is an extensive hand across civil institutions and commercial partners about developing the future “sense and avoid”-technology. Drones should be able to fly together with normal aircrafts, which is why drones should be thinking like pilots. That is what we are discussing and presenting examples of, to the NATO group here in Denmark.”

Through serveral years, Odense has been working hard to build special competences indside the rising drone industry, which is the reason why the NATO-group are gathered in Denmark.

Scandinavian Avionics has, together with Integra Aerial Services, established a drone office in the mentioned HCA Airport in Odense – the danish test center for drone technology. Søren Petersen from SA, sees the NATO meeting as an endorsement for what is happening in the third largest city in Denmark:

“HCA Airport has proven its ability to attract international companies, and convinced them to use their facilities where SDU researches in the “sense and avoid”-technology based on the knowledge from the bat, and where SA furthermore develops their existing aviation technologies into the drone environment.

It is a stong danish setup, and the NATO-group have therefore seen Odense as a obvious place to find inspiration about the future of drones.“

Scandinavian Avionics A/S has with the office in the HCA Airport placed itself in a good position when it comes to the development of drones and today, Friday 10.06.2016 Scandinavian Avionics A/S has demonstrated examples of the identification and collision-technology to the NATO-group, creating opportunities for further discussion of and work with the “sense and avoid” system.