MRX Systems proudly presents its latest feature: the MRO Request Generation

    21 Feb 2023


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MRX Systems unveiled Blue MRO with the ambition to complete the Blue EYE suite by offering a fully integrated platform that would allow CAMO and MRO to share a live environment where all data would be linked in a seamless manner.

However, as some clients only provide CAMO or MRO services, they may only have the need for one module of the suite.

The solution provider understood this challenge and saw it as an opportunity to create an ecosystem of users.

In line with this, MRX Systems proudly presents its latest feature: MRO request generation on a third-party database.

This feature enables you to generate a quotation on the MRO center’s database with one click based on the purchase order created from the CAMO’s database.

This time-saving novelty is beneficial for both airworthiness managers and MRO centers. The MRO can turn the automatically generated quotation into a work order. And the CAMOs will see the up-to-date work progress and receive the full work report as soon as it is generated.

As an MRO center, you will be more likely to be chosen by a CAMO using Blue EYE. This creates opportunities to acquire more customers.

MRX Systems proposes an address book of MRO centers to the CAMO companies with whom they work, to match their needs and put them in contact.

How does it work?

You only need to contact the Support Team to create a link between the two databases.

Then, the procedure is as simple as it has ever been. The CAMO create the purchase order and select the address book entity associated with the third-party database when they pick the addressee.

Once the purchase order is ready, they click on ‘Generate MRO Request’.

The MRO center refreshes the data in the ‘Quotations’ module and the quotation appears with all the job cards, parts, and tools required.

As soon as a task is set as performed on the MRO side, this information will be available on the CAMO side.

The work status is perpetually updated and once the work report is generated, it is forwarded to the related files section of the CAMO purchase order.

More information?

The MRX Systems team will be delighted to give you a demonstration. You can contact them anytime via the following email address: