MRX Systems feature highlights and latest onboarding

    07 Apr 2021


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The excellent customer service is at the heart of the MRX Systems support team values, which includes highly qualified engineers who are dedicated to helping customers achieve maximum performance and value of the Blue EYE Suite. Used to guide to the best solutions, they have gathered their strength to provide instant responses to customers’ needs. In line with this vision, new features are regularly developed such as Auto-print, multi-currency rating and billing, and multi-threshold management.

Auto-print feature

Time-saving, human error-risk minimizing, always up-to-date, the automatic printing function is the ultimate resource for logistics coordinators, but what exactly is it? When Auto Print is activated and a technician removes a part and mentions it in the JobCard, the system checks every 40 seconds if a new part is added to the inventory and automatically prints the label. How to start using it? The hangar computer must be connected to Blue EYE and to the label printer. When using iPad, the technician must select the option to re-enter in stock when removing a part from the aircraft.

Quotation and billing in multiple currencies

Blue MRO expands the scope of possibilities and introduces the multicurrency quotation and invoicing for those who have been used to have a single currency to manage their maintenance projects and wanted to select any currency to complete orders, process quotes, execute the maintenance project.

Multi-threshold management

Recently, a new user-friendly and game-changing feature has been launched and Blue EYE’s users are already loving it. Multi-threshold management makes it possible to make an unlimited number of actions interdependent. In other words, it is now possible to configure different trackings and link them to each other so that they are automatically activated once a repetitive or a one-time action is completed


In the last few months, MRX Systems has been chosen among the competitors to be the maintenance & operations software solution of Excellent Jet Service, Avionord and European Aircraft Private Club.