Major Support Contract Renewal from U.S. Military and Foreign Military Sales

    20 Dec 2010


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JetSCAN® is an aircraft engine diagnostics and risk mitigation tool developed by Rolls-Royce and Carl Zeiss NTS of Cambridge. Historically JetSCAN® was shown to be successful in mitigating the potential for bearing failures in R.A.F. Tornado fighter/bombers with Rolls-Royce RB 199 engines. A JetSCAN® machine analyzes oil-carried debris from magnetic chip detectors and filters. An expert system with embedded knowledge of engine design and likely failure modes can determine failure risk, which tends to be higher in military aircraft, particularly those with a single engine. JetSCAN provides generic wear analysis for specific, high-cost oil-wetted components, and can replace or complement customers’ existing techniques. It is a much superior methodology to basic oil analysis for identification of potential bearing and bearing-related component failure.

Proven benefits of using JetSCAN® are impressive. Various clients have reported:

  • In-flight events, non-recoverable in-flight shutdowns (NRIFDS) reduced to zero.
  • Increased time intervals between engine inspections.
  • Bearing-related class “A” mishaps reduced to zero.
  • Increase in average time-on-wing (ATOW).
  • Significant manpower/cost savings.   

OSyS has been providing the JetSCAN technology to the U.S. Department of Defense, Foreign Military Sales fleets and any aircraft equipped with a Rolls-Royce engine since 1999. Available licenses also cover engines manufactured by OEMs such as GE, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell.* OSyS operates a 24x7x365 Help Desk and engine health centers staffed with factory-trained engineers and former military personnel with years of maintenance experience.

Over 100 JetSCAN machines are now in service worldwide. Customers have access to a secure website for JetSCAN® customers where they can find additional information on faults, operating procedures and updates to the user manuals. The JetSCAN team also produces a monthly customer letter and sends out regular Tip Sheets. Various levels of service are available from telephone support to on-call, on-site repair.

NOTES to Editors:

  1. Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Group plc with 400 employees in the U.S., U.K., Qatar and Singapore. OSyS delivers data solutions and managed services to a global customer base that support critical decision-making for improved business sustainability.
  2. Operators of high value assets apply OSyS solutions to optimize their companies’ processes, enhance performance, minimize risk, manage their costs and compliance—thereby ensuring safe and profitable business operations.
  3. OSyS has more than a decade of experience providing proven, mature processes and tools such as integrated electronic process safety management systems and equipment health management, to a worldwide customer base that includes Fortune 100 companies and more than 100 countries.
  4. OSyS’ software engineering and information technology expertise, combined with extensive domain knowledge and proven processes, enables customers to be more proactive, make more-informed decisions and prevent costly problems. OSyS helps customers reduce risk to ensure safe, compliant and profitable operations and enjoy a predictive edge.
  5. For more information, please visit the OSyS web site at

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