Lufthansa Technik Goes Digital With FLYdocs

    09 May 2017


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Lufthansa Technik Goes Digital With FLYdocs

09 May, 2017 – Lufthansa Technik AG has signed a long-term global contract with FLYdocs, the most advanced records, data and transition management solution provider in the world. The Lufthansa Technik Group, with more than 800 customers worldwide, will be the first MRO provider to benefit from FLYdocs’ software and services, which will bring huge synergies to existing and future FLYdocs customers and all Lufthansa Technik customers.

To foster the digital transformation, Lufthansa Technik Group members can now take advantage of the highly advanced, cloud-based platform for managing all their data, records, and aircraft transitions online. By moving away from paper records, Lufthansa Technik aims to improve the efficiency of its core business processes while ensuring consistent regulatory compliance, as well as delivering enhanced customer service and benefits to all of its clients.

The FLYdocs platform enables Lufthansa Technik’s facilities all over the world to access and transact real-time maintenance records, as well as historical data. FLYdocs will improve daily operations, from inspection tracking to reporting, and provide instant, secure and controlled access to third parties enabling clients to review and audit their documentation in real-time. This greater transparency of data will improve traceability internally and will deliver major benefits to all customers.

Mr. Thomas Glöyer, CIO Lufthansa Technik Group, comments “FLYdocs is much more than a solution for central and digital document management; it is a major cornerstone in our strategy to digitize our operations.  It will help us to streamline our internal processes, and – more importantly – improve our customer interactions resulting in the reduction of workloads for both parties when communicating via the FLYdocs platform.”

Adrian Ryan, CEO of FLYdocs adds: “We are very proud and excited to have secured the trust and the business of the world’s leading provider of MRO services. Lufthansa Technik’s existing and future customers are sure to benefit from the ease, speed and convenience of accessing and transacting their maintenance information via the FLYdocs platform and we see this relationship as a major step in taking the global industry online by working with FLYdocs in a digital way.”