Lufthansa Systems presents first release of new Lido/Flight 4D product generation

    01 Jun 2016


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Lufthansa Systems presents first release of new Lido/Flight 4D product generation

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it will present its new Lido/Flight 4D product generation at the 2016 Lido/Flight User Group (LUG) Conference.

This annual conference focuses on technical innovations relating to the flight planning system as well as dialog with representatives of Lufthansa Systems’ customer base. The meeting between LUG members and Lufthansa Systems’ product experts is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday in Lisbon, the headquarters of this year’s partner airline TAP Portugal.

The core features of the flight planning solution are the integrated and continually updated aeronautical database and the so-called optimizer. Based on all flight-related data, weather conditions and the current airspace situation including any restrictions, Lido/Flight 4D calculates the most suitable route for each flight. By migrating to the new product generation, customers will benefit from a modern architecture offering improved integration, a modern graphical user interface and display, 4D optimization and extensively automated flight planning and control processes.

“Our airline customers want a reliable, flexible and innovative solution, because in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, users have to be able to focus on critical flights,” said Rene Vierke, Director Lido Product Management & Consulting at Lufthansa Systems. “Lido/Flight 4D follows the principles of Automation First and Management by Exception, meaning that our solution simplifies routine tasks and makes it possible to quickly make the right decisions in critical situations.”

The first two releases of Lido/Flight 4D this year cover certain basic components for migrating to current technologies as well as the first functional innovations and improvements for takeoff and landing weight optimization, crew briefing and route optimization.

The new features of Lido/Flight 4D will be presented to existing customers in small groups during the LUG Conference so that individual questions and suggestions can be addressed more directly. The conference will also include presentations on the current status of the overall project, the outlook for planned future developments and opportunities to meet with the representatives of other airlines and the experts from Lufthansa Systems.

Under the name Lido/Flight the product has performed successfully in the market for more than 15 years. Around 120 airlines with a total of more than 6,000 aircraft are currently using the flight planning solution from Lufthansa Systems. In various comparative analyses based on thousands of flight plans, Lido/Flight was able to reduce fuel costs by an average of 2 percent, cut flying times by 1.9 percent and save 1.6 percent of air traffic control fees compared to its competitors.