Lufthansa Systems further expands Consulting division

    06 Oct 2016


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Lufthansa Systems further expands Consulting division

Oct 06, 2016

Independent consulting: Digitization and increasing complexity result in growing demand for professional consulting in the aviation industry.

The airline IT specialist Lufthansa Systems is further expanding its Consulting division to meet the growing demand for professional consulting in the airline sector. The reason for this is that competitive pressure is rising on airlines in the international market. In order to stay profitable, they must explore new fields of business and continually optimize their existing processes. The Consulting team supports airlines in all of these areas and provides independent consultation throughout the life cycle of a project.

“Thanks to our many years of experience in the market, we offer our customers a unique combination well-founded expertise in every aspect of airline IT as well as extensive consulting covering all airline processes,” said Olivier Krüger, CEO of Lufthansa Systems. “We also identify forward-looking issues early on and incorporate them into our consulting, such as the real-time planning and control of airline operations, automated flight operations and the changes instigated by the NDC (New Distribution Capability) initiative of the IATA.”

The consulting experts at Lufthansa Systems have spent more than 20 years working for international airlines of all sizes with various business models. While most consultancies specialize in a single area, Lufthansa Systems covers the entire spectrum of consulting for airlines, thus ensuring that problems are always examined holistically. What sets Lufthansa Systems’ consultants apart is their independence. When it comes to choosing the right IT solution, they always focus on the needs of the respective customer. They evaluate solutions in a neutral and professional way and work with the customer to find the best product – regardless of whether it comes from Lufthansa Systems or a competitor.

“To continue to meet the growing demand for professional consulting, we are currently looking for qualified specialists for our team, which we want to triple in size by 2018,” Krüger said. “Our consultants work in organizational development, supervise process management programs and plan change projects in close collaboration with our customers.”

Many current projects in the industry are being driven by digitization. From navigation solutions on the iPad to crew planning forecasts based on data analyses, mobility and big data are important and forward-looking issues for airlines. As industry experts and specialists, the Lufthansa Systems consultants of today are already dealing with the issues of tomorrow. What will airline processes look like in the future? What changes are companies facing? How can airlines respond to these changes in time? When it comes to these questions, too, the consultants of Lufthansa Systems are the right people to ask. They help their customers stay one step ahead of the challenges of tomorrow.