Lufthansa Systems develops seamlessly integrated generation of flight planning and navigation solutions

    26 Oct 2017


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Lufthansa Systems develops seamlessly integrated generation of flight planning and navigation solutions 

Further convergence of successful Lido product lines from airline IT specialist 

Raunheim, October 26, 2017 – Lufthansa Systems today announced that it is developing a new generation of flight planning and navigation solutions following the slogan #takeoffwithlido. The proven Lido/Flight 4D (flight planning), Lido/Navigation (navigation solutions) and Lido/Performance (flight performance calculation) product lines will become even more integrated, providing airlines a seamless digital process across all flight operations – from flight planning to an aircraft’s parking position at its destination. Lufthansa Systems emphasizes its role as a market player that is independent from aircraft manufacturers, which enables it to offer a standardized solution for all of an airline’s different aircraft types. 

“Digitalization is affecting the entire aviation industry. We see this in the flight planning and navigation process in particular. Everything is becoming increasingly dynamic and data-driven. Paper maps are being replaced by state-of-the-art apps. New technologies such as in-flight connectivity offer the opportunity to display tactical real-time data such as weather, airspace and traffic information. This is precisely where our integrated Lido solutions come in,” explained Dr. Bernd Jurisch, who took over as Head of the Lido product lines at Lufthansa Systems in October. 

The mutual exchange of data is a key benefit to using Lido products for flight planning and navigation. This is because Lido provides the same information to everyone involved in flight operations – both in the air and on the ground – in situations such as an approach with poor visibility, for example. The information seen by pilots on their Lido/Navigation maps is based on the same data as the information available to the flight planner. This means the pilot and flight planner can coordinate the minimal decision height more safely and efficiently when choosing an alternate airport and make well-founded decisions in critical situations – such as whether a landing should be aborted or not. 

The shared database is also used when acute meteorological phenomena demand a change to the planned route. New information can also be conveyed to pilots immediately during a flight. All of this not only saves time, it also improves safety. 


During normal flight operations, too, the solutions work together seamlessly. Dispatchers can use Lido/Flight 4D to calculate the best route for a specific flight based on all flight-related data. Pilots can access this briefing information online. Thanks to the seamless integration of the products, Chart Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) can also be added to the flight plans of Lido/Flight 4D. At the same time, information from the ATS flight plan can be uploaded and displayed in the mobile map solution that the pilots use for navigation. This covers departure, destination and alternate airports, takeoff and landing procedures, and waypoints along the route. 

Lufthansa Systems additionally offers solutions for calculating and monitoring flight performance. These help airlines keep track of the continually changing obstacle situation at airports so they can adapt their departure procedures accordingly and optimize their fuel consumption for flight planning. The Lido product suite thus offers the perfect portfolio for an airline’s entire flight operations. 

Overview of the Lido product suite: 

Lido/Flight 4D 

  • Lido/Flight 4D – Flight planning solution 


  • Lido/AirportObstacleData – Airport-specific obstacle database with departure procedures 
  • Lido/TakeOff & Lido/Landing – Calculation of optimal flight performance for takeoff and landing 
  • Lido/APM – Service for comparing target/actual performance data (aircraft performance monitoring) 


  • Lido/FMS – Navigation data for flight management systems 
  • Lido/SkyData – ARINC 424 data 
  • Lido/SurfaceData – Full-coverage obstacle database 
  • Lido/RouteManual – Paper-based navigation maps 
  • Lido/eRouteManual – Windows-based app for navigation maps 
  • Lido/mPilot – iOS-based app for navigation maps 
  • Lido/AMM – Airport Moving Map 
  • Lido/AMDB – Geo-referenced database for airports 

The “Take-off with Lido” video describes the phases of flight operations that can be controlled smartly and efficiently using Lido products. 

Caption (Copyright: Lufthansa Systems): The Lido product suite from Lufthansa Systems offers the perfect solution for every phase of flight operations – from gate to gate. 

More information on the Lido product suite can be found online at