Long Range business jet operator ACM AIR CHARTER certifies its PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag from IFS in record time.

    14 Feb 2014


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IFS – International Flight Support, the Copenhagen based EFB Software Platform provider and ACM AIR CHARTER, one of Germany’s most well respected and leading business aircraft operators specializing in long range business jet operations worldwide, has obtained final operational approval of the PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag for iPad from the German LBA/CAA. ACM AIR CHARTER operates a modern business jet fleet consisting of a variety of types like Boeing BBJ2, Global XRS, Global 6000, Falcon 7X, Falcon 2000 EX EASy, Challenger 604 and Citation X types.

“ACM AIR CHARTER signed a contract with IFS in early 2013 for a comprehensive PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag software solution and has obtained final German LBA/CAA approval in record time, yet the solution is still highly customized to cope with ACM AIR CHARTER’s demanding operational requirements. The PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag is a cornerstone in our operational set-up with a flexibility which secure we can meet our long term EFB strategy goals”, Mr. Thomas Minninger and Dr. Andreas Schirmeisen, Managing Directors at ACM AIR CHARTER said.

ACM AIR CHARTER has implemented the PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag software in the iPad version initially as a Class I-B EFB project. The project includes the advanced PFB™ Back-Office System application which centralizes all data flows and controls all data import/export from/to back-end systems as well as management of each individual EFB unit in the field.

”The operational advantages and the user friendly yet flexible architecture provided by the PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag means that our flight crews save a lot of time and paper preparing their flight and OCC receives all relevant data before takeoff and after landing instantly. Besides the whole company document structure such as Operating Manuals, MEL`s or other documents related to the company or the aircraft are stored and managed easily with full control and are automatically distributed worldwide. Therefore we can provide revised Operating Manuals after their release by the authority immediately to any of our iPad’s. Regardless if the aircraft is currently in South America or Europe”, Mr. Tobias Arnold, EFB Project Manager and responsible Fleetpilot for Falcon types said.

The PFB™ solution includes Document Management & Library Module, W & B/eLoadsheet with electronic sign-off, Electronic Flight Planning module with full CrewBriefing and eOFP for electronic notes-, fuel & time checks, ATC Note Taker module, Data presentation module for Take-Off and Landing Performance outputs, Voyage/Journey log Pre-flight and Post-flight reporting and the integrated eReporting module.

“IFS was honoured to be selected by ACM AIR CHARTER’s expert team to provide an EFB software solution for a true intercontinental operator. But today we are really proud having the opportunity to work closely with the team of ACM AIR CHARTER. ACM AIR CHARTER has implemented a centralized business intelligence tool covering all relevant flight data registrations and which can interconnect all the company’s back-end systems into a common workflow yet it’s a system that invites and allows the user to optimize the EFB strategy on long term basis”, says Jens Pisarski, COO of IFS.


ACM AIR CHARTER is an intercontinental business jet operator of ultra long range business jets conducting commercial flights as well as flights on management basis. Safety, precision and discretion are ACM AIR CHARTER’s main values and exemplified through a highly skilled staff. The members of staff have many years of experience in their respective specialist fields ensuring a seamless, professional and discrete service both on the ground and in the air. The ACM fleet of aircraft are in operation all over the world. ACM serves destinations in Germany and Europe but also fly regularly with the long-range jets to destinations in Africa, Asia, and North and South America. In 2012, the aircraft of the ACM fleet visited 242 single destinations in 65 different countries on 6 continents.

ABOUT IFS – International Flight Support

IFS – International Flight Support is an innovative and experienced supplier of iPad and Windows XP/7/8 based EFB Platform solutions aimed exclusively at the aviation industry. The company was founded in 2001 and has a full decade of operational experience providing in-cockpit calculation solutions to airlines, business aircraft operators and military users. The PFB™ Paperless flight Bag software solution defines a new standard for high quality modular EFB architecture. It was built to achieve complete data integration to any back-end software systems in use while offering a unique degree of customization options that reflects each operator’s preferences.