Logipad EFB Partners with Ditto to enable Real-Time Syncing without Internet

    27 Jul 2023


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Empowered by the Ditto Platform, Logipad’s Electronic Flight Bag enables pilots and copilots to
collaborate in offline environments

Logipad, a leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions, is excited to announce its
collaboration with Ditto, the creator of a real-time database that can sync data with or without the
internet. Through its integration with the Ditto Platform, Logipad’s EFB system can now function
completely cloud-optional, enabling a more reliable digital collaboration experience for pilots and
copilots and ensuring a quicker turnaround for planes.

Logipad’s new EFB system automatically detects nearby pilot devices and establishes the best
available connection to sync quickly, cellular or Wi-Fi when internet is available, or local networks
such as Bluetooth Low Energy, Local Area Network, and Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi in offline situations. This
intelligent background synchronization enables pilots to enter data on any connected device and
have it instantly update across all synced devices without manual interaction.

In pre-flight situations where pilot data sync is crucial to airplane turnaround, Logipad’s real-time
syncing capability allows pilots and copilots to collaborate in the cockpit and other offline
environments, ensuring that reliable data sync insn’t a hindrance to takeoff. The synchronization
includes eForm data within the briefing, allowing for more efficient data management. Furthermore,
annotations within a PDF belonging to the EFB package are also synchronized, streamlining the
workflow for pilots.

In addition, Logipad has introduced a new “DIRECT” feature within the flight log. Pilots can now
select a start and endpoint for a direct route, marking it with ABEAM values to input fuel and time
data. Multiple “DIRECT” entries can also be added as required.

Logipad remains committed to improving the efficiency and convenience of EFB solutions for aviation
professionals. The integration with Ditto significantly enhances the user experience of Logipad’s EFB
system by providing real-time syncing capabilities across devices, enabling pilots to work seamlessly
and collaboratively.