Loganair Goes Live with new OASES Line Maintenance Control (LMC) Module

    13 May 2011


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  • Commsoft supports aircraft maintenance organisations with high quality, affordable MRO IT systems
  • Commsoft’s Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (“OASES”) is one of the most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems in the world
  • Loganair has worked closely with Commsoft in developing new LMC functionality and has just ‘gone live’ in line operations

London, 13th May 2011

Leading MRO IT provider Communications Software (Airline Systems) Limited has announced today that Scottish airline Loganair www.loganair.co.uk has gone fully live with a new OASES Line Maintenance Control module.

The OASES LMC module is linked with the Sabre Rocade operations system at Loganair, which provides timely and accurate data, facilitating short term maintenance forecasting and complete line maintenance management across Loganair’s extensive network of line stations. Various facilities including MEL management, LMC diary observations and repetitive defect alerting allow improvements in diagnostic and rectification capabilities, giving enhanced line availability and improved dispatch reliability.

The LMC module can also be used manually where techlogs are entered quickly after a flight or with a variety of live operations feeds, including electronic flight bags, electronic techlogs, ACARS and various operations systems.

Commsoft also recently formed a partnership to collaborate OASES with Critical Technologies’ AirVault and Loganair is the first airline to utilise this enhanced service.

David Pusey, Projects Director at Commsoft, commented:

“Loganair has had a long standing close relationship with Commsoft for many years and with its very high intensity, short sector network and excellent technical skills Loganair offered the ideal proving ground for the new LMC functionality, which has been progressively developed in trial and live operations. Several other established and prospective customers are planning to deploy LMC.”

Craig Stewart, Head of Line Maintenance at Loganair added:

“The introduction of an LMC system poses several challenges in a high intensity operations environment such as Loganair’s. This touches many of our internal processes and workflows, requiring the involvement of many departments. Commsoft’s OASES LMC system has been progressively developed to meet our very demanding operational requirements with over 100 sectors per day and an average sector length of 42 minutes. We have transformed our processes while delivering new performance benefits through close supportive working with Commsoft enabling Loganair to now have a “Live”, integrated engineering control system.”

Commsoft’s OASES is a sophisticated and easy to use system that is utilised by national and regional carriers, third party maintainers, cargo specialists, charter operators and specialist rotable stockists around the world. Commsoft has four regional centres in the UK, an international office in Australia and a technical support office in India.

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