Lion Air Group looks to NAVBLUE to bolster their digital growth strategy

    28 Feb 2017


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Lion Air Group looks to NAVBLUE to bolster their digital growth strategy

Waterloo, ON−Wednesday, February 22, 2017 

Lion Air Group has announced its plans to further digitize its operations by migrating to NAVBLUE’s Charts+, Airport+ and Navigation+ solutions.

As Indonesia’s largest privately run airline, Lion Air Group is expected to be the launch customer of Boeing MAX-8 operated by Batik Air Malaysia and also will have more aircraft deliveries to strengthen their position in South East Asia. To support this intense growth while also improving safety and operational effectiveness, they have set in motion the steps to implement an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) strategy.

This in-depth overhaul, expected to roll out over the next xx months/year, includes a migration to electronic charts from NAVBLUE. This deal marks the debut of NAVBLUE Charts+ in Indonesia and with its support may well be the first airline in Indonesia to deploy an EFB platform. NAVBLUE’s Charts+ is a ready-to-use set of digital charts (IFR, terminal, en route) that draw on information published by national Aeronautical Information Services and are updated weekly, Charts+ is available for multiple platforms and can be customized to user requirements. Each piece of chart data is processed individually to provide relevant and customized content in all operational contexts.

Further enhancing the deployment is the integration of NAVBLUE’s Airport+ and NAVBLUE’s Navigation+ solutions. NAVBLUE’s Airport+ harnesses exclusive high-resolution satellite imagery provided by the Intelligence Business Cluster of Airbus Defense and Space. NAVBLUE’s Navigation+ has been successful in the marketplace for over 30 years and NAVBLUE was the first company in the world to offer navigation data as a regular service, and draws on one of the world’s largest and still growing aeronautical databases.

Said Captain Daniel Putut, Managing Director, Lion Air Group, “Our confidence in the integrity of NAVBLUE, from its commitment to its customers through quality products and quality support, makes this a highly beneficial partnership for today’s growth and sets us up well for our future growth.”

Said the NAVBLUE Chief Commercial & Communication Officer, Paul-Franck Bijou, “We pride ourselves on being an organization genuinely committed to partnering with our customers in their pursuit of growth and excellence. This project through its modern application of leading-edge, highly accurate, digital aerodata clearly represents that ideal”