JorAMCo Enables Business Process Optimization with Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix Software

    23 Aug 2011


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JorAMCo Enables Business Process Optimization with Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix Software

Software upgrade a catalyst for business-driven organizational transformation

News at a Glance

  • JorAMCo live with upgrade to Maintenx software
  • Maintenix enables business-driven organizational transformation
  • Software seen as key enabler in optimizing business processes and operational efficiencies 

Ottawa, Canada (August 23, 2011) – Mxi® Technologies, the leader in aviation maintenance management software, announced today that JorAMCo, Jordan’s leading Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, has gone live with an upgrade to the Maintenix® software. Building off of JorAMCo’s vision for organizational optimization, this recent go-live further supports the company’s goals for maintenance and engineering excellence.

JorAMCo’s Project TOGA successfully went live with the industry-leading Maintenix software on May 12th, 2011. The enterprise-wide implementation was put into operation via a wholesale approach with all software modules going live simultaneously. Project TOGA was run jointly with operational experts at JorAMCo, trainers, data migration specialists, and leadership of the project team.

JorAMCo’s Maintenix upgrade includes the foundational establishment of a comprehensive software footprint in support of their business operations and process reengineering. In addition to the extensive use of maintenance planning and business analytic tools to facilitate reduced turnaround times, the recent upgrade offered enhancements to MRO invoicing, third-party maintenance and the further integration of materials, planning, purchasing, and execution.

“At the outset of this project we established an ambitious vision in reference to our goals for business process reengineering and optimization,” says Simon Tate, Chief Executive Officer, JorAMCo. “To that end, Mxi and the Maintenix software have been key enablers in facilitating the achievement of our project objectives and our mission for being a world-class MRO provider with a penchant for using market-leading technologies in support of our customers’ success.”

“This go-live firmly establishes JorAMCo as a regional and industry innovator in the field of MRO,” says Dave Seibel, Chairman and CEO, Mxi Technologies. “Throughout the project we have been impressed with their dedication to current and future success and we are pleased to have Mxi’s Maintenix software serve at the core of this considerable transformation.”

About JorAMCo
JorAMCo started operations as Royal Jordanian’s Maintenance and Engineering Department in 1963. Following the government’s decision in October 2000 to privatize and restructure the airline, JorAMCo was officially launched as an independent MRO service provider, offering then a range of airframe maintenance services to Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed aircraft fleets.

Since then, JorAMCo started an aggressive growth and expansion plan to strengthen its customer base and customer support capability, JorAMCo completed a hangar space expansion which brought the total available hangar space to 30,000 square meters, engaged the services of additional technical staff and certified technicians, increased the  range of backshops capacities by setting up partnerships with OEMs and manufacturers, and launched a modern academy to ensure a steady supply and enrollment of fresh and qualified technicians and engineers of the right caliber.

JorAMCo is certified by the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission “JCARC” and by a number of regional and international Aviation Authorities including US FAA and European EASA – Part 145.

About Mxi Technologies
With solutions designed specifically for aviation maintenance, Mxi Technologies provides integrated and intelligent software, support, and services to commercial airlines, MROs, OEM aftermarket service providers, and defense operators.  Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix® software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, long range and automated line planning, automated workflow, electronic signatures, support for portable wireless devices, and a comprehensive range of integration APIs. Mxi Technologies’ customers range from emerging, small to midsized organizations to the largest global enterprises.

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