Jetstar Hong Kong Joins TRAX!

    25 Mar 2013


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Jetstar Hong Kong Joins TRAX!

Miami, Florida

Trax is proud to announce the newest addition to the family. Jetstar Hong Kong has chosen to sign with Trax and move forward with the best MRO ERP Software available.

Trax software will help Jetstar Hong Kong while they begin operations of their fleet at numerous locations. Trax MRO ERP software will ensure their maintenance and engineering work and records are kept in impeccable shape. This will help them to be as efficient and organized as possible.

Jose Almeida, President and CEO of TRAX USA Corp., states, “We are excited to be part of the growth of Jetstar Hong Kong, and it is with great excitement that we welcome them to the TRAX Family. The signing of this contract reiterates our growing presence in Asia, a region that continues to provide us with new customers and endless opportunities.”

Jetstar Hong Kong will be implementing X, the latest version of Trax Maintenance. This version includes over 20 modules to cater to virtually every aspect of aircraft maintenance. TRAX Maintenance will be able to assist Jetstar Hong Kong in countless ways. From Material Management and Finance to Technical Records and Reliability, Jetstar Hong Kong will now have aircraft, inventory, and maintenance activity information integrated into a single system.

About Jetstar Hong Kong

Jetstar Hong Kong will begin this year, 2013, as a low fare carrier. Their main operations and base will be located in Hong Kong. Jetstar Hong Kong was formed as a partnership between the Qantas Group (parent company of Jetstar) and China Eastern Airlines.

Jetstar Hong Kong has proposed to fly short haul flights to Greater China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Their fleet will consist of three new Airbus A320-200 aircraft which will seat 180 passengers. They plan to grow over the next couple of years to fly 18 aircraft by 2015.

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About TRAX

TRAX USA Corp., with offices in the United States and United Kingdom, is the number one seller of aircraft maintenance software globally. TRAX Maintenance solution has been developed – with Airlines and for Airlines – to provide the most comprehensive and advanced MRO ERP software solution available today. For more information about TRAX, please visit

For further information about TRAX Maintenance or media related inquiries call +1.305.662.7400 or e-mail