Initiation and first deliveries of latest version PPS8

    20 Apr 2012


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In April 2012, Air Support announced that their Preflight Planning System PPS has been further developed with PPS8 (Windows version) using brand new WPF technology for even greater screen clarity. A few selected customers have received an initial release of this latest version of PPS. Also, the first ‘live’ uploads to CrewBriefing and the firm’s AMEXSY filing system have already been successfully completed.

There will now follow an implementation phase for the new product, during which a few customers at a time will receive PPS8 version in a launch program designed to ensure a smooth transition to the latest system. Implementations will be carefully monitored and, during this period, the Air Support development team will receive feedback from users to continue with a program of bug fixes.

Screenshots of the new developments can be seen here: