ifrSKEYES launches AMASIS eLearning service

    23 Oct 2013


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Toulouse, 23rd October 2013 – ifrSKEYES is delighted to announce that AMASIS eLearning service is now available. This web-based solution is designed to respond to AMASIS customers’ needs in training either for newcomers, job shifting, knowledge refresh, or skill improvement on unknown topics of the application (available in English and French languages). 

AMASIS eLearning offers for now 2 main categories of courses: One by functional area and one by business process.

The project started in 2012 and has been since then continuously improved, arousing the interest of numerous AMASIS customers.

The eLearning approach of ifrSKEYES 

Seen as an ideal complement of traditional trainings, we designed this tool to fit exactly with any kind of constraints of our operators: permanently accessible, every user can run the training programs at its own pace and availability, subjects are calibrated depending on the organization needs, and the administration is made by the proper operator administrator. The progress on individual or group trainings can be easily followed, and training topics can even be customized.

  • AMASIS (Aircraft Maintenance And Spares Information System) is an integrated solution to manage aircraft maintenance and related logistics. It is fed with each department’s specific information: Technical records, MCC, Engineering & Planning, Procurement, Stores. 

For more information: marketing@ifrskeyes.com