Honeywell Expands GoDirect Flight With New Connected Service Offerings For Pilots, Dispatchers

    31 May 2018


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Honeywell Expands GoDirect Flight With New Connected Service Offerings For Pilots, Dispatchers

GENEVA, May 31, 2018
/PRNewswire/ — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is expanding its range of GoDirect® connected services to deliver improved flight support within its signature program, GoDirect Flight. Using the new integrated services, business aviation operators will benefit from improved flight planning and in-flight communications through Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Planning, GoDirect Flight Tracker and GoDirect Weather applications. As a result, flight crew workload can be reduced while enhancing flight safety and operational efficiency.

“In today’s fast-paced business aviation environment, our customers are increasingly looking for end-to-end integrated solutions that will help them quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage their flight operations so they can remain competitive,” said John Peterson, senior director, Connectivity Services, Honeywell Aerospace. “Our range of updated services act as a flight department’s premier partner, providing the insight needed to make informed decisions using real-time data and automation.”

GoDirect Flight is a part of Honeywell’s GoDirect family, one of the industry’s most complete portfolios of more than 50 services and applications that provide business aviation operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with the critical information they need to control their services and network. Combined, these applications improve the overall support service for pilots, dispatchers and schedulers while increasing the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that business aviation operations require.

GoDirect Flight is taking pilot services to the next level in many ways:

  • Flight planning and scheduling: Thanks to a partnership with scheduling and trip-planning provider Professional Flight Management (PFM), operators can now link their existing scheduling system with Honeywell’s datalink and flight planning services, enabling the sharing of data between their two most important systems. Customers’ datalink positions and “Gate Out, Wheels Off, Wheels On and Gate In” reports can be forwarded to PFM systems to automatically create flight logs, send flight-following notifications and provide flight-following on-maps. This integration creates a reduction in flight-logging errors and the added ability to complete flight logs without saving data from flight management systems. Ground handlers can receive real-time updates on the position and state of the aircraft while executive assistants can receive updates on expected arrivals and delays.
  • Flight tracking: With GoDirect Flight Tracker, Honeywell customers can estimate future aircraft positions in 3D based on the last-known coordinates, heading, speed and altitude. With geo-fencing features, operators will be notified in advance if an aircraft is leaving or entering coverage areas and special use airspace. Constant emergency alert monitoring ensures flight teams are immediately notified when emergency response plans are needed.
  • Weather avoidance and safety: Thanks to a new partnership with data provider DTN, weather services now offer a broader range of higher-resolution information so that pilots receive more insight along their routes to avoid extreme weather events. The application provides access to the industry’s first vertical situation display that combines a bird’s-eye view with a vertical flight path, improving pilots’ situational awareness and the flight experience of passengers. With this service, Honeywell customers will also be able to better detect and navigate lightning, turbulence, cloud tops and volcanic ash.
  • Flight quality and passenger satisfaction: In addition to the vertical situation display showing the vertical flight path, GoDirect Flight Bag Pro can also improve situational awareness through Jeppesen Instrument Procedure charts. Both tools can help pilots improve their flight planning and weather avoidance.