Honeywell Aerospace Selects Flatirons for Training Development Services

    23 Sep 2014


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Honeywell Aerospace Selects Flatirons for Training Development Services

Achieves Significant Cost Savings by Reusing Content Across Technical Publications and Training

Flatirons Solutions announced today that Honeywell Aerospace, a provider of products and services to commercial, defense, and space aircraft worldwide, has selected the Flatirons’ Training Services group to serve as its primary developer for training content.

The contract includes developing new training materials, updating existing source materials, and making modifications to training content used by Honeywell’s employees and customers for servicing and maintaining Honeywell products.

The selection of Flatirons, which also serves as Honeywell Aerospace’s single global supplier for technical publications services, allows Honeywell Aerospace to achieve significant cost savings by reusing technical publications content in its training materials.

In 2009, Honeywell Aerospace selected Flatirons as its global supplier for technical publications services, covering more than four million pages and 40,000 documents annually. “When seeking a partner for the development of training content, our objective was to reduce the overall costs by reusing technical publications content in the development of training materials,” said Lewis Mallory, Director Flight Sim Support, Technical Publications & Customer Product Training for Honeywell Aerospace.

In collaboration with Flatirons, 75% of Honeywell’s illustration content in training materials is reused directly from existing technical documentation. This amounts to a 32% cost savings for the overall project when compared to the costs of recreating and duplicating illustrations for each training project.

“Re-use of technical content across documents or between technical publications and work instructions is a highly desired practice in many industries,” said Geoffrey Godet, president and CEO of Flatirons. “Because Flatirons provides both technical publications and training content development services, customers like Honeywell can reuse content to achieve accurate, high-quality technical information at reduced costs.”

Flatirons’ Training Services group is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Its technical writers, illustrators, and multi-media developers use the Six Sigma process to ensure accurate, high-quality information throughout the content lifecycle.

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