Honeywell Advanced Software Saving Nippon Cargo Airlines, Kuwait Airways Up To 3% In Fuel Costs

    25 Sep 2019


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– Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency enables carriers to access and manage fleet data to help boost operational productivity

– Advanced fuel analytics can help save airlines tens of millions of dollars

ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is helping reduce fuel use on 33 aircraft for two carriers through its Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency software. The technology now being deployed at Nippon Cargo Airlines and Kuwait Airways may reduce fuel costs by up to 3%, saving each airline potentially millions of dollars per year.   

“Airlines today are trying to meet very tight margins while also improving operational efficiency, and Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency helps on both fronts,” said┬áJohn Peterson, vice president and general manager, Software and Services at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Aerospace. “We give operators information they can use to develop, implement, sustain and measure fuel-efficiency initiatives.”

Fuel use can account for 20% to 40% of an airline’s operating costs, so even single-digit percentage improvements can potentially save airlines tens of millions of dollars each year. Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency allows airlines to take advantage of new ways to save fuel by impacting the three major influencers of fuel consumption: aircraft weight, engine utilization and fuel planning. The software collects, cleans and analyzes streams of disparate data from a wide variety of sources, and offers actionable insights and alerts that can help improve an airline’s efficiency across its fleet.

Nippon Cargo Airlines has implemented the software across its fleet of eight Boeing aircraft. Kuwait Airways has implemented the software across its fleet of 25 Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Nippon Cargo Airlines and Kuwait Airways join an expanding list of more than 32 global customers already using Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency, including Lufthansa, Etihad, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Turkish Airlines and others.

Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency is one component of Honeywell Forge for Airlines, which includes solutions for flight operations, flight efficiency and connected maintenance in a single user interface. By providing alerts and identifying savings opportunities, the solution can help airlines maximize their profits while improving workflows between pilots, ground maintenance and operations to increase productivity.