Honeywell Adds New Ways to View Updated Weather in Airbus EFB

    23 Oct 2017


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Honeywell Adds New Ways to View Updated Weather in Airbus EFB
Since its introduction in 2015, Honeywell’s Weather on Board real-time weather application has won raves from flight crews as part of the FlySmart with Airbus electronic flight bag (EFB). Now Honeywell is launching new features that will make the app even more useful to the airlines that use the Airbus EFB.

This summer, Honeywell will introduce a Dispatcher View feature that will let dispatchers see the identical real-time Weather on Board display at the same time as the flight crew. This feature will enable collaborative decision-making by the flight crew and dispatcher and help reduce pilot workload.

The application will also offer real-time weather data in flight thanks to the FlySmart Airbus network connection. A350 flight crews will be able to download weather data just as they download flight plans and other documents to their Class 2 EFB. All airbus crews will be able to update weather through WiFi or cellular networks as well.

Weather on Board for FlySmart with Airbus was adapted from the Honeywell Weather Information Service app to meet the specific needs of Airbus operators. The service provides real-time weather information during flights from takeoff to landing, saving time for pilots, reducing fuel costs for airlines, and increasing safety and comfort for passengers.