Hawaiian selects TRAX eMobility apps

    15 Mar 2019


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Hawaiian selects TRAX eMobility apps

MIAMI, January 15, 2019 – Founded 89 years ago as Inter-Island Airways, Hawaiian Airlines (HA) has been an integral part of life in Hawaii for generations. It started in 1929 with their 8-seater Sikorsky aircraft and a Bellanca monoplane that offered sightseeing service for $5 per person. Hawaiian now has a fleet of 65 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with 10 each of Airbus A321neo and Boeing 787-9 aircraft on order. It is the 10th largest commercial airline in the U.S. with 28 destinations. The airline names its individual aircraft after birds found in Polynesia, as well as Polynesian constellations historically used to navigate to the Hawaiian Islands.

HA has had its eye on going paperless for a while now and plans to deploy the full suite of eMobility solutions using a phased approach. The suite includes the LineControl, AeroDox, QuickTurn, TaskControl, EZstock, VisualCheck, CabinLog and PilotLog iOS apps easily accessible using iPads. These apps are supplemented by the web-based interactive dashboard apps used by Crew Chiefs, Controllers and others to view production and manpower data, tasks, deadlines and non-routine issues, as well as make job assignments.

Susi Goering, Senior Manager of Technical Operations Processes & Technology, explained that HA issues out an iPad Mini to their mechanics, which then have the option to store it at work in charging lockers, or take it home after their shift. In addition to eMobility, the iPads have many other apps to facilitate communication between mechanics and enable team members to do their job in a stream-lined manner. “HA is looking forward to benefitting from the reduced and eliminated travel times of our mechanics, specifically in the maintenance environment. Team members will be able to view manuals, sign off work, order parts, or contact their leads without leaving the aircraft they are on,” Goering noted.