Gogo Business Aviation Expands ATG Coverage in North America

    06 Jul 2016


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Gogo Business Aviation Expands ATG Coverage in North America

Gogo Business Aviation has expanded the map of air-to-ground coverage available in Northern America and Central Canada, adding approximately an extra hour of coverage to both locations. This addition of approximately 450 nautical miles of connectivity benefits all Gogo customers, and makes international flights all the more connected for travelers. The expanded coverage is primarily between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Gander, Newfoundland. Coverage in central Canada has expanded around northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and central Manitoba.

Those who travel between and within Canada and the U.S. can take advantage of this extended connectivity. Extra coverage will give passengers traveling through these high-traffic locations a better inflight experience and the opportunity for longer connected sessions.

“Gogo continues to improve the inflight experience for business travelers by providing expanded coverage enabling longer sessions of connectivity and productivity,” said Sergio Aguirre, senior vice president of product management & business development for Gogo. “The benefit of an additional hour of ATG connectivity gives our customers the ability to get more done or enjoy an additional hour of entertainment during a flight.”