Gen2 and Virgin Atlantic sign long term agreement for deployment of FLYdocs

    23 Sep 2011


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Gen2 and Virgin Atlantic sign long term agreement for deployment of FLYdocs

Virgin Atlantic Airways and Gen2 Systems have entered into a long term agreement for the deployment of FLYdocs – Gen2’s advanced intelligent Document Management System.

The agreement was reached after an intensive year long trial during which Virgin Atlantic collaborated with Gen2 to make aviation history by using FLYdocs as the web-based software platform delivering the world’s first fully electronic Aircraft Records Returns, with Virgin Atlantic instrumental in breaking new ground by adopting a cutting edge and environmentally friendly paperless returns strategy.

As well as the embedded End of Lease Returns system now being used for all future returns, FLYdocs are taking over the day-to-day management of Virgin’s electronic document management across the entire fleet, co-ordinating records scanning, indexing and tagging as well as many other highly advanced and automated features designed to bring Virgin’s records to life in an intelligent way to give the business the type of real time functionality not available in other more basic ‘read and retrieve’ type document management systemscurrently in the marketplace.

Adrian Ryan, Managing Director of Gen2 Systems said, ‘The process of integrating with Virgin over the last 12-18 months has been a pleasure. We’ve worked together as equal parties with common goals, solving problems and pushing boundaries along the way. Virgin, as our flagship development partner, will continue to have our total support throughout our working agreement during which FLYdocs will deliver company wide benefits in Aircraft Re-deliveries, Document Management, Aircraft Management, Repair Management, Engine Management, Gear Management, APU Management, Airworthiness Management and much more.

We’ve only just begun the extensive deployment of highly advanced functionality that Virgin will come to enjoy as standard in all departments across the entire business on a worldwide basis.We are very client oriented at Gen2- we like to look after all of our clients every step of the way. The synergy between Virgin and Gen2 is tangible –brand strength and the creation of the quality of that brand allied to a progressive, forward thinking and incredibly flexible approach.

‘This is a very exciting period of growth for FLYdocs and we are looking forward to leading the way in finally bringing some long overdue e-tech know-how into Aircraft Documentation. ’