Fuel Manager application made by Smart4Aviation and TFM Aviation specialists!

    01 Jan 2011


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Smart4Aviation has joined forces with TFM Aviation to offer you the best fuel and operations management products on the market. The extensive experience of the TFM experts and the power of the unique Smart FUEL MANAGER and Smart MISSION MANAGER products provide the key to efficient fuel and operations management.

We offer a three-phase program which will initially benchmark the efficiency of airline’s current Flight Operations and Flight Dispatch processes and systems, and subsequently provide support and training required to implement the operational initiatives which have been identified to increase overall fuel efficiency of the daily operations. And finally provide real-time, and post analysis tools, to ensure your achieve and maintain airline’s efficiency goals.

Smart FUEL MANAGER, our Smart Fuel Management Information System (SFMIS), provides you with a unique set of modules to monitor fuel usage in relation to all measurable factors. The fuel and operational analysis provided by Smart FUEL MANAGER can provide tailored critical information to Flight Crews, Flight Dispatchers and all levels of management in all relevant branches. This insight is provided through interactive, online, near real-time charts, graphs, and dashboards, as well as static reports available online or through email.

Smart FUEL MANAGER, combined with the Smart Operations Suite of products, takes fuel management to a new level unavailable in any other fuel management product available on the market today, by integrating real-time alerting and management of Company Fuel Standard Operating Procedures and Policy to key operational decision makers, ensuring the highest quality of historical fuel data while providing instant feedback to manage airline cultural change.

For more information about Smart FUEL MANAGER visit: http://www.smart4aviation.aero/?solutions/smart-insight/smart-fuel-manager.html

Another huge success for Air Canada and Smart4Aviation with the implementation of Smart BRIEF Cabin Mobile!

January 2011 represents another milestone in productivity improvement and employee satisfaction, at Air Canada, through the implementation of the “Mobility” version of Smart BRIEF Cabin.

We at Smart4Aviation believe that to be successful in the extremely challenging airline business, our customers require access to the latest technologies to allow them to ensure the highest levels of efficiency while improving the work environments for their employees.

Smart4Aviations Smart BRIEF Cabin now allows full access to all cabin crew briefing information from the convenience of a PDA or smartphone, from anywhere, to a group of employees that are truly “on the go”.

Moreover we are happy to announced that Air Canada’s Smart BRIEF CABIN and its sister application Smart BRIEF CABIN Mobile won the prestigious Mercurys Award in Processes and Systems category. This category is for the entry of Information Systems or other processes that improve efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

For more information about Smart BRIEF CABIN visit: http://www.smart4aviation.aero/?solutions/smart-brief/smart-brief-cabin.html