Four tips to use Blue MRO at its fullest

    05 May 2022


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Use the Related files

This feature might appear as secondary but there is a reason why you can find it in many modules (Quotations, work orders, job cards, references (parts, tools…) even in the address book!): it is extremely time-saving! Whether it is a PDF file, Word document or simply a picture, Blue MRO enables you to upload an unlimited number of related files, each of them associated to a work order, a part, a MRO Center… Possibilities are endless for archiving forms 1, publications, e-mails of approval, quotations from suppliers.

In a matter of minutes, create detailed and documented reports and save on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Here is a detailed example, if you upload a related file in a job card, technicians can access it from the iPad app while performing maintenance. This is particularly useful in providing access to a service bulletin or extract from maintenance manual.

Look for Information Thanks to the Moves Records

You may only be using the ‘Inventory Moves (GRN)’ module to adjust your stock according to the daily actions that are taken and always be one step ahead thanks to data synchronized in real time with your operations and use, but do you know that it also allows you to find all the moves since the creation of your database? Thanks to this module, you are even able to know which part has been fitted or removed from an aircraft, if you already had a certain reference in your stock.

Correct your stock with the “Physical Inventory” feature

The feature is quite new, but it is a real game changer in terms of efficiency. Use the desktop version to prepare the items you want to count, then take your iPad and go physically check the quantity, shelf by shelf. In the end, you process the corrections from the desktop and validate the physical inventory. It will automatically generate moves to correct the inventory.

Do not miss the associated tutorial on MRX Systems’ YouTube channel.

Use the Complete Suite

Blue MRO and Blue STOK are part of a fully integrated suite that also offers Blue EYE, designed for CAMO management. The use of Blue EYE facilitates some processes in Blue MRO. For example, you can create a maintenance order in Blue EYE and directly generate a quote corresponding to the demand in Blue MRO. As soon as you validate the quote, a work order will be automatically created.

MRX Systems’ technology makes all data accessible at any time worldwide, gets your team connected, minimizes error risk, and complies with EASA / FAA regulations.

This 100% paperless solution is always up-to-date which leads you to save time while improving operational communication chain efficiency thanks to a compliant, trusted, and secure environment.