Fortune 100 software-industrial company relies on data from Lido/SurfaceData

    19 Oct 2017


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Fortune 100 software-industrial company relies on data from Lido/SurfaceData

Oct 19, 2017

3D visualization and warning systems can improve flight safety thanks to Lido/SurfaceData.

Lufthansa Systems supplies avionics manufacturer with high-precision obstacle data

Avionics manufacturer Honeywell is using the Lido/SurfaceData obstacle database from Lufthansa Systems as an additional data pool for its warning systems. Enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS) alert pilots if an aircraft gets too close to the ground or other obstacles and is thus in a potentially dangerous situation. These digital warning systems enhance the pilots’ situational awareness, help identify and avoid obstacles early on, and ultimately increase flight safety.

EGPWS are being used on over 40,000 commercial, business and military aircraft around the world. The most comprehensive dataset possible is essential to ensuring the precision of the equipment. This is why Honeywell draws on a variety of sources for the terrain/obstacle/airport database and is pleased to be able to expand the data pool with the EASA-certified Lido/SurfaceData database.

Lido/SurfaceData comprises information on more than one million obstacles worldwide, including both fixed and mobile objects that could pose a threat to air traffic safety. These could be natural obstacles such as mountain peaks or tall trees, or man-made objects such as cranes or windmills. This standardized collection of obstacle data is based on official sources such as Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP). Honeywell is currently using Lido/SurfaceData primarily to calculate minimum safe altitudes in its EGPWS. In the future, the data will also be used for the three-dimensional representation of surfaces in synthetic vision systems.

“We attach great importance to the quality of our data, which is checked during every phase of the process. This data meets the industry standards DO-276 and DO-291 and is processed in accordance with RTCA DO-200,” said Igor Dimnik, Director Strategy and Market Development at Lufthansa Systems. “We are delighted that Honeywell was the first customer to place its trust in us. Since then, Lido/SurfaceData has been deployed by other avionics providers too.”

As an aviation IT specialist, Lufthansa Systems is an expert in the field of aircraft navigation. Lido/Navigation solutions are being used successfully by more than 200 airlines and customers of all sizes, with various business models and different alliances. Each year, around 570 million passengers worldwide take flights that rely on paper-based or electronic navigation maps from Lufthansa Systems. In the context of route planning, Lufthansa Systems also has years of experience in processing obstacle data. The highly precise Lido/SurfaceData obstacle database was released in early 2017 and received the German Mobility Award this spring.

Caption (Copyright: Lufthansa Systems): 3D visualization and warning systems can improve flight safety thanks to Lido/SurfaceData.