Fokker Services B.V award Rusada multi-year contract

    24 Mar 2015


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Fokker Services B.V award Rusada multi-year contract

Fokker Services B.V, the knowledge-based aviation services organisation, has awarded Rusada, one of the world’s leading MRO IT software specialists, a long-term contract to supply the modules and licenses Fokker Redelivery Services require to enable them to replace several of their legacy systems with a pure play top of the shelf software and by doing so reducing the number of software applications.

Fokker’s contract with Rusada consists of six of our seven software modules, licences for over 100 concurrent users, annual maintenance support and professional services.

Modules include Fleet Manager, Materials Manager, Maintenance Manager, Finance Manager, Quality Manager and Configuration and Resource Manager.

Commenting on the contract win, Rusada CEO Julian Stourton said “This is a great contract win for us. The Fokker name is one of the most well-known within the aviation industry and we are delighted to secure this contract.”

VP Fokker Services’ Redelivery Services Unit, Peter Bulckaert said: “Rusada is internationally recognised worldwide for their reliability and developments within the MRO IT software industry. We are proud to work with Rusada and look forward to working together for the years to come.”

About Fokker Services B.V

Fokker Services is an integrated, knowledge based services organization that partners with manufacturers, owners and operators of aircraft in the continued competitive operation of their fleet ” Building on our key assets – being experienced and motivated employees – Fokker Services provides aerospace services as well as Customized Services Programs for manufacturers, owners and operators of commercial and military aircraft, as well as helicopters at the required time and location. We bring a combined competitive advantage in both expertise, quality, and costs which results in lower operating cost and more revenue opportunities for our operators through a higher technical dispatch reliability and aircraft utilization; we consider this the basis for true business partnership.

Fokker Services’ Redelivery Services Unit partners with aircraft lease companies and operators. It has earned its position as unique and valuable partner for the lease companies and operators of A320 and B737 family as well as the Fokker aircraft operators, acting as a one stop shop. Fokker Services Redelivery Unit also provides aircraft conversion and completion solutions for A320 and B737 aircraft thereby integrating its part21 and back shop capabilities.

About Rusada

A global aviation software solutions company established in 1987 and headquartered in Switzerland, with operations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas, Rusada currently serves 50 major customers worldwide with software that manages more than 1,500 aircraft in 20 countries.

The company’s Envision software is CAMO-compliant, providing key management information and operational process control for operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), maintenance and repair organizations (MROs) and service organizations.

Scott Leslie, Marketing Coordinator,, +44 141 280 0487