FLYdocs announces CEO and COO departures

    11 Jun 2018


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FLYdocs announces CEO and COO departures

20 April, 2018 – FLYdocs announces CEO and COO departures & endorses the introduction of a new Executive Leadership Team


FLYdocs is a global industry leading aircraft records and document management platform, and the first choice for managing the lease transfer of aircraft and assets for an ever-growing list of clients.

In accordance with the company’s long-term plans following its strategic partnership with Lufthansa Technik in 2016, an Executive Leadership Team was established in the third quarter of 2017 to support the significant growth being experienced by the business and planned changes in the management structure.

After successfully delivering the business and product innovation and integration targets for FLYdocs following the formation of its strategic partnership with Lufthansa Technik in 2016, as well as industry leading revenue growth of more than 80% and accelerated EBITDA growth of 114% during the same period, founder and CEO Adrian Ryan and founder and COO Anne Ryan are departing the business in order to focus on new entrepreneurial investment and consulting business opportunities.

The Executive Leadership Team, composed of

  • Darren Yeates, Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Allen, Director of Platform Innovation and Strategy
  • John Bowell, Director of Global Sales
  • Jen Hill, Head of Operations and Logistics

will continue to concentrate on the development of industry-changing products, and the delivery of the highest levels of client-focussed performance and results.

The experience, longevity and extensive skillsets of the team means they are well positioned to deliver FLYdocs’ long-term strategy, steer the company to many more industry firsts, and uphold the FLYdocs ethos and vision. The new CEO and COO will be announced in due course.

Adrian Ryan comments:

“Whilst I am saddened to be leaving FLYdocs – a visionary disruptive digital business set up in 2010 by my wife Anne and myself – the time has come to look ahead at new business opportunities, both in aviation and beyond. I am proud of all that Anne and I have accomplished in changing the way that aircraft data, records and transitions are managed forever by making the entire process fully digital and highly automated via the use of AI and BIG DATA. We have built a strong and capable team to continue executing and leveraging our vision; everything is in place for FLYdocs to continue its tremendous success and to have an extremely bright future, and I wish the company and the team every success.”

Anne Ryan comments:

“Adrian and I knew when we created FLYdocs that we would forever change the way that this particular area of aviation works, and so it proved. It has been an incredible journey but the time to move on to look at new opportunities has come. I’d like to thank all of the staff and clients around the world for their support and involvement and I wish the new management team good fortune in taking the business forward.”

Dr Christian Langer, VP Digital Strategy, Lufthansa Technik AG, comments:

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Adrian and Anne since our partnership started in June 2016. We want to thank both for their unique dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the business, its customers and employees. The AVIATAR team and digital product division are excited about this next phase in FLYdocs’ history, working with a strong leadership team with the perfect blend of extensive industry knowledge and entrepreneurial drive to continue to deliver the benefits of digitisation to the industry.”