02 May 2012


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Leading Global Enterprise Integrated EFB solution now supported on iPad

Dublin, Ireland (2nd of May 2012) – Flightman today announced the availability of its award winning Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications suite for Apple’s iPad range of tablet devices.

The iPad has revolutionized the portable device market and has already established a solid foothold in the Aviation sector. In contrast to the many EFB “point” applications available today, Flightman offers a fully integrated EFB solution which is tightly integrated with the airlines’ operations systems and has the capacity to drive iPad adoption at an even greater level.

The Flightman EFB Solution Suite allows airlines to achieve optimized regulatory compliance, total operational efficiency, enhanced in-cabin passenger service and revenue opportunities by seamlessly connecting and integrating aircraft within airlines’ IT infrastructure. The company develops Aviation Software Solutions, which are incorporated in a Service to connect the aircraft to company systems and drive productivity and operational improvements.

This new addition to the Flightman product suite enables airlines to deploy Flightman EFB software applications on iOS or Windows based EFB Class 1 and Class 2 devices. Airline users will be able to connect to their ground-based enterprise systems using secure cellular, wireless and satellite communications. This EFB software solution meets all industry standards and manages the delivery of cockpit and cabin data between the crew and airlines’ backend business and operations systems.

Commenting on the iPad release, Joe McGoldrick, Chief Executive Officer of Flightman said, “Flightman on the iPad complements our existing product offering allowing airlines to install EFB applications on either crew or aircraft assigned devices or even a combination of both. The ability to deploy a common platform approach irrespective of hardware provides for system wide information sharing between crew, aircraft and operations, thereby facilitating the streamlining of processes and the realization of significant cost savings. We believe Flightman is the first true Enterprise level EFB suite of applications available for the iPad and we expect to see phenomenal interest in the aviation marketplace”.

About Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
The Electronic Flight Bag is a general purpose computing device that can be deployed in the cockpit or assigned to flight crew to assist them in carrying out their functions. When combined with communications capabilities they provide a platform for the hosting of connected applications, which enable the bi-directional exchange of data with the airlines’ ground systems.

About Flightman
Flightman is an EFB software provider that automates and streamlines operations within the aviation industry. The Flightman family of products comprises innovative software technology which synchronizes an extensive data model between the aircraft and various airline ground systems, and provides forms and workflows tailored to various users to enable dramatic process improvement in the cockpit, cabin and on the ramp, thus reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in aircraft operations and maintenance. The EFB applications provided include the eJourney Log, Electronic Flight Folder, Weight & Balance, Large Content Manager, eTechlog, Forms Designer, Business Intelligence, Passenger Relationship Management and Cabin Technical Log.

(For further information, please visit www.flightman.com)

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Tel: +353 1 806 1000
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