Flight Tracking Page Upgraded

    20 Nov 2015


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Flight Tracking Page Upgraded

20 November 2015 by Iryna Pilat

RocketRoute has added a number of improvement to the Flight Tracking page.

With immediate effect, you can track all active flight along with some of the most recently completed flight, all on one page, in real time.

This is very convenient for business owners who operate multiple aircraft and want to check all movements on the main menu TRACK page as well. This also provides a quick and easy method of reviewing flights and monitoring aircraft. So, no more screen changes for your flight information.

What is new:

The ability of filtering by aircraft call sign, flight

You can choose the particular flight and/or aircraft you want to follow on your map (10 items max)

The ability to filter aircraft or flights by a sign active, drafts or past (history)

One one screen you can now view the current and past tracks of all your aircraft. (10 tracks max)

The ability of checking the flight status and change it from the map

The status of each flight can be seen by clicking on the active icons. From there you can edit it, reuse it or share it

We have now improved the search criteria

You can now search your flights or aircraft by number, pilot’s name etc