Flight  Focus  partners  with  ETS  Aviation,  putting  the  focus  on  Fuel  Efficiency

    08 Nov 2011


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Flight Focus partners with ETS Aviation, putting the focus on Fuel Efficiency

Singapore, November 8th 2011

Flight Focus today announced it has selected Aviation FuelSaver to Power its Fuel Management application on their Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) PLATFORM.

By teaming up with Fuel Saving Specialist, ETS Aviation, Flight Focus can now offer clients further significant cost efficiencies by integrating the Aviation FuelSaver software into their Connected Electronic Flight Bag Platform. This joint offering includes expert consultancy, a key benefit to a successful Fuel Management programme.

Stef Slavujevic, who heads the Global Sales and Business Development team for Flight Focus said, “This gives our clients a significant added value. Fuel efficiency is one of the highest priorities for airlines worldwide.” “Through using our EFB platform, we solve the issues of gathering data required for Fuel Saving analyses. Our system feeds the data directly into the FuelSaver software, this can be done real time or post flight. It doesn’t get any easier than that”

ETS Aviation has developed ETS Aviation FuelSaver combining cutting‐edge software with consultancy on a low‐cost subscription basis, thus enabling all operators access to software and expertise previously only available to the major airlines. Aviation FuelSaver is led by Ian Britchford, formerly easyJet Fuel Conservation Manager where he was responsible for spearheading multi‐million‐dollar fuel‐saving initiatives.
“We wanted to take the laborious work out of Fuel Saving. It can be a very complex and time consuming task to gather the data from different systems within an airline and then make the calculations to support an efficient fuel saving programme. By incorporating our software with an EFB solution all the data is in one place thus making implementation straight forward.”

About Flight Focus

Flight Focus Pte Ltd is a flight operations solutions and services provider for the aviation industry. The primary business is to provide airlines an open and complete Electronic Flight Bag solution resulting in savings and efficiencies almost immediately via the Flight Focus PLATFORM. A well defined global delivery model enables a reduction in time‐to‐market and cost‐of‐ownership while offering world class quality solutions and services. Flight Focus headquarters is located in Singapore, with offices and staff located worldwide.

About ETS Aviation

Specialists in fuel‐efficiency programmes and emissions data management.

Since early 2009 our team of aviation specialists and software designers has helped hundreds of aviation operators all over the world. We work with airlines, business aviation operators and trip support companies. And we make their life easier.

We created the ground breaking Aviation FuelSaver™, software and consultancy programme ‐ the easiest to use and lowest cost fuel efficiency system on the market ‐ having already launched a software and consultancy solution called Aviation Footprinter™, for managing EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) requirements.


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Sales & Marketing Assistant
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ETS Aviation Ltd

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Sales & Marketing
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