Flight Focus delivers the world’s first Cabin Inflight WiFi platform for IFE&C

    18 Jun 2013


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Flight Focus delivers the world’s first Cabin Inflight WiFi platform for IFE&C providing up to 100% take-up rate to Air China’s A330 wide-body fleets with first concurrent certification from EASA-CAAC. 

Flight Focus has successfully installed and certified on Air China’s A330 wide-body fleet the world’s first 100% take-up rate Cabin Inflight WiFi platform solution enabling all airlines or service providers to build their own IFE&C system. Built as an open avionics computing and communications platform, the Cabin Inflight WiFi fulfills cabin-wide HD video streaming in wide-body aircrafts with more than 300 passengers, which marks its leading position in the international aviation industry.

By performing the world’s first live on-aircraft performance test with nearly 300 passengers, Flight Focus and Air China have thoroughly proven and guaranteed the real performance of the Cabin Inflight WiFi platform delivering a true 100% passenger concurrency with HD video streaming. In addition, Flight Focus and Air China were able to bring together the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to deliver the first concurrent certification program for Wireless IFE in China (STC from EASA in less than 6 months and V-STC from CAAC).

“Some companies have succeeded to install some WiFi systems before Flight Focus, but when the take up-rate goes up to 10, 15, 20, 30%, at some point, the whole WiFi network collapses. You need to be sure that you’re installing the right technology in the aircraft that can be low cost and scaled up to the top and proven for 100% take-up rate. For an IFE system, all it takes is one smart server box that both hosts content as well as manages the way passenger devices connect, coupled with a high power access point. You can run an entire plane; you can serve dynamic content, provide connectivity services, or sell products and services. You don’t need more than that. As an enabler providing Cabin platforms for IFE & Connectivity, we are helping you to get it fast and approved into the airplane, and we make sure that it’s secure to use and that you can make money.” said Ralf Cabos, managing director of Flight Focus.

“Based on Flight Focus super light, powerful and secure Cabin Inflight WiFi platform, we are building our own IFE, and we are now able to provide richer entertainment contents to passengers, fulfill the need for cabin-wide HD video streaming, and deliver smoother user experience. All it takes for our passengers is to bring their own tablets or laptops onboard. The flexible and intelligent ground synchronization system enables Air China to update IFE content easily and in-time, while the short installation time should help us to quickly complete modification of the entire fleet allowing passengers to enjoy the service as soon as possible.” commented Air China E-project Office.

Air China has become the first Chinese carrier that operates flights with on-board WiFi system. Air China will soon provide the Cabin Inflight WiFi platform on all its A330 wide-body airliners as a complete upgrade of the current system.


Flight Focus is an innovative provider of leading edge avionics platform solutions for Cockpit and Cabin, and a certified system integrator for aircraft connectivity (DOA/POA/MRO from CAAS & EASA). We design, develop, manufacture and deliver open computing and communications platform configurations, and we integrate versatile 3rd party applications to enable Enhanced EFB, and Wireless IFE & Connectivity solutions and services.

Flight Focus allows partners to benefit from state-of-the art and ready-made open platform configurations to offer best quality of service as well as enhanced performance in all environments (Android, iOS and Windows 8).

Flight Focus enables airlines to build their own EFB or IFE while reducing their costs (fuel, paper, communications, and operations), enhancing flight safety with real-time connectivity, and creating new communication and entertainment ancillary revenues.

Leveraging on our end-to-end vertical integration services from design and in-house certification to technical support and system upgrades, 100+ aircrafts are already flying with our proven technology and turnkey expertise.

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