14 Oct 2011


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Flight Focus has partnered with Tune Box, the new digital media arm of Tune Group. At the recent Paris Air show, the companies jointly launched a highly robust IFE extension to the Flight Focus-certified Class III EFB PLATFORM. With the addition of Iridium OpenPort-Aero to its products, it has found the perfect match between EFB, IFE and global connectivity.

“Iridium was selected for its truly global satellite network, which is known for its proven reliability and cost-effectiveness. We have enjoyed a great working relationship for several years, and with the addition of global high-speed IP connectivity, provided by Iridium OpenPort-Aero, our customers will benefit even more from our EFB and IFE products,” said Ralf Cabos, Managing Director of Flight Focus. “We believe the ability to provide affordable worldwide internet access in-flight will not only be valuable for travelers, but by adding email, social media access, gaming support, and online payment communications options, we will provide a fully optimized IFE experience.”

“Connectivity is a key element enabling airlines to reduce operational costs and generate ancillary revenues using our new next generation IFE/EFB platform,” said Sami El Hadery CTO and Co-founder Tune Box.  “Flight Focus has already demonstrated the benefits of adding connectivity into the cockpit and is saving airlines up to five percent on fuel. We are also looking to this new solution as an opportunity for carriers to generate revenue in the cabin by offering value added services and secure online payment options.  Iridium is the perfect choice because of its robust global network, which is affordable to install on both a single aisle and wide body


About Tune Group

Tune Box is the latest addition to the Tune Group, a leading Southeast Asian conglomerate that aims to fulfill the needs of mass market consumers at affordable prices. Tune Box is the digital media arm of the Tune Group, initially focusing on providing inexpensive in-flight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity services for airline use.

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