FINNAIR chooses ACFTPERFO airport database to feed the performance softwares of its fleet.

    23 Sep 2015


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FINNAIR chooses ACFTPERFO airport database to feed the performance softwares of its fleet.

ACFTPERFO offers a worldwide airport database compliant with IR OPS and FAA regulations.

On top of the usual AIP updates, the database is also under NOTAM watch 24/7. It includes the performance related notams and is subject to a daily watch compared to the classic 28 days AIRAC cycle.

We have developed state of the art tools to optimize the engine out routes. They guarantee the highest safety standards and allow optimum payloads. This induces savings by reducing engine power settings and stress.

The constant updated database is available for download via our secured and user friendly website. Customers are informed and notified, in real time, about changes.

For every airports and runways (including related NOTAM), we offer an engine failure path calculation optimized according to aircraft type specifications.

Through our secure website, the airline is able to manage its airport database subscription. As ACFTPERFO airport database is aircraft type related, the subscriber selects its aircraft type and chooses the airports he operates. The notam watch service may be activated.

The website subscription service is available on a 24/7 basis.

The airport database is delivered in an electronic format and is compliant with all existing formats from all manufacturers’ performance software.

ACFTPERFO developed its own format for its RTTO performance software.

The updating process of the database is available via Internet on a secured website.

When an update of the database is performed by ACFTPERFO, an automatically generated email is sent to the airline with a link allowing to download the latest version of the database.

Our engineers are able to respond to any specific demand in particular airport study.

FINNAIR chooses ACFTPERFO airport database optimized for its short or long haul fleet.

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