EXSYN to join Swiss-AS’ Partner Network

    09 Nov 2015


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EXSYN to join Swiss-AS’ Partner Network

9th November 2015

Increased flexibility to address customer resource needs
Swiss-AS is delighted to announce the latest addition to our partner network. EXSYN has been providing services around AMOS since a few years already. Over the last years Swiss-AS has observed that customers sometimes face challenges in terms of properly staffing the AMOS implementation project, especially around the activities of the data migration work stream.

Swiss-AS worked together with EXSYN on a good number of implementation projects during the last two years. The fruitful collaboration which helped customers keep the project schedule paved the way for a closer collaboration with EXSYN.

“Delays in data migration and lack of resources on customer side are the two main reasons for project delays. Together with EXSYN we were able to mitigate these risks in different AMOS implementation projects over the last two years,” says Fabiano Faccoli, VP Customer Services at Swiss AviationSoftware.

Swiss-AS will continue to lead all AMOS implementation projects and focus on project governance, knowledge transfer, operational services and business consulting. However customers are now able to further strengthen their own organisation before, during and after an implementation.

Customers can outsource the whole data migration work stream to EXSYN. Systems integration, reporting and business intelligence solutions are as well part of EXSYN service portfolio.

“Today it’s the data in systems like AMOS that drive airworthiness and efficient processes within airlines. Our solution platform is focused on leveraging this data as effective as possible. Our Data Migration solution TiTan is the perfect example of this. Given the long and sustainable working relation between Swiss- AS and EXSYN it was only logical that we took our cooperation to the next level in order to continue and ensure the best possible service to our mutual customer base.” says Sander de Bree, CEO of EXSYN.

Swiss-AS strives to offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of own and partner company services which allow meeting the very diverse service and support needs of our heterogeneous customer base during and after the AMOS implementation.