Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation live with AMOS

    18 Dec 2018


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Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation live with AMOS

At a glance

  • AMOS live in operation at EGAT
  • Successful development partner regarding AMOS MRO Edition
  • AMOS reference customer

An exemplary implementation project reaches a successful completion

After a common and shared journey with Swiss-AS, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp (EGAT) has successfully accomplished its go-live with AMOS.

EGAT, as the key development partner of Swiss-AS for the AMOS MRO Edition, has significantly influenced the realization of the advanced AMOS MRO functions. Therefore, implementing AMOS at EGAT was not just “another” project for Swiss-AS. It was the beginning of a strategic partnership, which allows Swiss-AS – in cooperation with EGAT – to complete the AMOS MRO Edition and thereby fulfil the functional requirements of the global MRO business segment. EGAT, as a renowned MRO provider with an extensive in-field experience, was the perfect fit to accompany Swiss-AS in this major development project.

The AMOS MRO Edition is available since the end of 2017 and offers MRO providers a fully-fledged MRO solution covering the specific needs of their maintenance activities. For a timely realization of the new Edition, Swiss-AS allocated a substantial amount of resources to build up a dedicated and interdisciplinary project structure and prioritized MRO specific functions on the development roadmap. The new functions are well received by the AMOS Community, as well as by the market. AMOS has been enriched by new modules including Facility/Hangar Planning, Ground-time Management, Finance and Production Control Dashboards, CRM and an in-depth Quotation/Contract Management.

EGAT and nine other MRO companies in the AMOS Community had actively participated in scoping workshops for the new functions and shared their expertise and knowledge gained in their daily work as MRO providers. This valuable input, gathered in the early development phases and based on the in-field experience of EGAT, provided a significant contribution to the successful development of the AMOS MRO Edition.

Apart from supporting the scoping and specification process, EGAT was also very committed to testing the new developments. In line with the Agile Development approach at Swiss-AS, EGAT supported the unit tests in repeat 15-day cycles (“sprints”) based on the programming progress made by Swiss-AS in response to end user feedback. In addition, once per month, EGAT performed specific functional tests to validate all features that had been implemented in the new modules.

During the project, three extensive testing sessions were scheduled in order to conduct process-driven integration tests defined as “Final Validation”. The Final Validation took place at the end of the development process. Dedicated EGAT AMOS Key Users travelled to Switzerland to test the new modules and all related business processes onsite with the Swiss-AS AMOS MRO team.

The valuable feedback from each testing phase was immediately available to Swiss-AS which enabled an efficient development process. This common scope definition and validation review proved to be a very successful approach to deliver mature and functionally advanced AMOS modules.

“On behalf of Swiss-AS, I sincerely congratulate EGAT on the recent cut-over to AMOS and I also want to thank EGAT for the dedication, commitment and professionalism shown during the entire implementation. Without the input, ideas and challenges EGAT provided to Swiss-AS the AMOS MRO Edition would not be as business proven as it is today – it was a concerted effort from both companies. We have learned from one another and both parties have profited from this constructive exchange of knowledge and we will surely continue this excellent partnership long into the future,” states Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

The EGAT project team consisted of 20 project team members, all experienced professionals in their own business areas. Besides the daily project work, the EGAT key users were responsible to train the end users, mostly in the form of classroom training. This train-the trainer approach was very successful and helped to overcome language barriers. The Swiss-AS project leader, who looked after EGAT, is fluent in English and Chinese, which favorably influenced this successful project and which ensures optimum support for EGAT while moving forward with AMOS.

EGAT had assigned a highly skilled and fast learning team to this project including a well respected project leader. It did not take long for the EGAT project team members to become experts in AMOS, which in turn had a positive impact on the quality of functional discussions and decisions made during the workshops and in the different development phases. All these positive factors combined perfectly and the project was finalized well within budget, while the project team needed less support from Swiss-AS than initially expected and budgeted.

Largest AMOS implementation in APAC region

This implementation was the largest AMOS project in the Asia Pacific region so far and fully managed by the AMOS branch office in Singapore. In addition, it was the first AMOS implementation in which the customer also participated as a pioneering development partner.

Due to an in-depth usage of the AMOS MRO Edition, and the excellent implementation project, Swiss-AS is pleased to have found in EGAT, a new reference customer for interested airlines and MRO organizations.

EGAT’s President NH Huang commented, “As an award-winning, airline-affiliated MRO with a global customer footprint, we are constantly looking for ways to improve value-added fleet management services, to integrate MRO business activities and expand overall customer service capabilities.  We believe that AMOS’ MRO edition is the primary enabler to help EGAT achieve its business integration objective.”